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Binay won’t tolerate Personal attacks on De Lima’s like the debunked ABC Revenge Drama

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Binay won’t tolerate Personal attacks on De Lima’s like the debunked ABC Revenge Drama in the United States.

News that Matter

No Revenge

Right after Senator Leila De Lima’s privilege speech, fellow Senator Nancy Binay came up to her saying; Don’t worry, it will come to pass. There’s no revenge whatsoever in the heart of a Binay. No matter how they suffered from De Lima’s hands during the previous administration.

Malicious Social Media Memes

It can also be seen in those times that the image of Senator Nancy talking to De Lima after her Senate Speech was altered. It shows that Nancy was unkind to her which is contrary to the real score. How could some Filipinos do this to a Filipina in distress? It is still not justified even if that person did you wrong. Take the case of the Binays. They are not tolerating “below the belt” attacks to others. Even to their enemies.

The Binays should know Better

Even if President Rodrigo Duterte now leads the country, it does not give him permission to attack Senator De Lima personally. He has nothing to do with her love life if there is. Explicit comments and sexual perversions must not also be thrown to her. They have been in the same situation before. No other people should experience the same agony – even if it is De Lima; says Nancy.

Moral Values of the Binays

Yes, they are supporting the Duterte administration as an ally against the Liberal Party. They are also key players for nation building under his leadership. However, good manners and right conduct must be observed to make this country a peaceful place to be. No more dramas like in that debunked ABC revenge series in America. That would be a pity if it continues. It can destroy the country.


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