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Binay’s City Public Service to National: Who can be Vice Presidentiable in 2022

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Public service must be a priority for anyone running for public service. Why is this not prioritized? Simply because people would vote according to trending pulse. Not the character, heart and proven deeds. So why complain?  Better learn from experience.

[VIDEO]: Presidential aspirant former Jejomar Binay’s time in the highest office might be over – but hopefully not to the Binay clan who is into genuine public service. See how in 2022 one of his two daughters could be Vice President.

Senator Nancy Binay

Senator Nancy won as senator occupying one of the top 5 seats – despite the media propaganda attacks on the Binay name.  She escaped the bullying because she only knew that she will be replacing Jose de Venecia at the last minute. She was not even able to join the senatorial debates because of this. But the Binay’s public service legacy lives on in the senate because of her. She has authored various bills on public service enhancements, giving quality, to the life of senior citizens, PWDs or the disabled, poor women and children plus more. She’s definitely for national and not just city public service.

Mayor Abby Binay – Campos

Often not taken seriously by detractors because of her younger than age looks. Mind you, the lady is a lawyer from Ateneo and the good mayor of Makati, the most advanced when it comes to city public service among others. In her first month of office, her works include hospital, health centers, schools and public facility rehabilitations. There’s no other city like Makati in the Philippines where businesses are world-class and the lives of residents especially the below average income families are taken cared of.

City Public Service going National

With all the priorities of the President, the Vice President must be a Public Service champion to balance things out. Pnoy’s administration might not be the best. But Vice President Jejomar Binay was there to protect the plight of the less fortunate. It could have gone better should Binay landed in the presidency. But the people’s choice was with another Liberal opposition who gained his popularity by being brutal. Therefore, they get the government that they deserve. Hopefully, this is a lesson learned for 2022. Hopefully, another Binay will be running for the Vice presidency.

Let’s get our Priorities straight for 2022

It is not a secret that the Binay’s bet for 2022 is no other than Bongbong Marcos. Therefore, to balance things out, a Binay should be Vice President or whoever it is that can be hands-on to not just city Public Service but also in the national level. The next six years is fast-approaching so, Filipinos should start making up their minds and focus on public service when choosing a letter for their own sake.

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