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Why Blame Zuckerberg for Facebook Killing? He’s a Brilliant Innovator!


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Mark Zuckerberg paid tribute to Robert Godwin Sr, the victim of alleged Facebook killing. His social network had been criticized over the delay of the live killing clip removal online. He said that they are doing all they can to prevent such tragedy from happening again – but how much power does he has to stop the misuse of social media?

Youtube video by; CNET
[VIDEO]: At Facebook’s F8 developer conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his company will focus on building stronger communities in the wake of the tragedy in Cleveland.

AI Not Smart Enough

WHEN STEVE STEPHENS uploaded a 57-second video to FB of himself shooting and killing a man Sunday, the video stayed on Stephens’ Facebook page for more than 2 hours before the company finally pulled it down. Read more:

Gunman’s Suicide

Two days after an extraordinary crime, a murder that the killer recorded and posted on Facebook, it was a hankering for something reassuringly normal as a McDonald’s meal that tripped him up on Tuesday when a manhunt ended with a tip to the police, a brief chase and the gunman’s suicide:

Despite Tragedy, FB Still Innovates

Having to set up a new phone or tablet is a hassle, especially when it comes to installing and logging back in to all of your apps. This process should be a little easier in future, though, if the app developers involved are using Facebook Login. The social network announced an upgrade to its login feature at F8 this week, which will remember apps you’ve linked with Facebook in the past, and make logging in to them as simple as a single tap.. Check here:

Is FB Paranoid?

FB acknowledged it took them more than two hours to remove the clips after the first video was posted. This is despite it having received complaints in the process. Can this be the reason why automatic Facebook reporting seems like acting paranoid? Most of the posts now that is done randomly even to own groups are being reported. Not to mention the blocking and elimination of new accounts. Can’t really blame FB or Zuckerberg for that matter. It is not easy to be judged by others.

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