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Bloggers’ Passion: No Money in Political Write-ups with Google Ads

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s quite unfair for political writers to be accused of being paid large sums of money to do what they do – when good writers are driven by passion and not by the rewards of it. Of all entities, Google Adsense pays almost nothing for political ads. It was even advised to block political ads in bloggers’ accounts to allow other high paying ads to populate their pages. As a content based platform, it is somewhat contrasting to write political stories without political ads. How would organic traffic be matched with the right ads when they are blocked? The result would be either a lot let clicks on the ads, quick engagement or a lot less traffic. Those three would mean that there will be no decent pay.

The human mind must not be restricted to where it can reach or how far the extent of creativity can go – for writers to be proud of their stories thus gaining fulfillment in their work. The political arena is somewhat exciting to get involved with – when your life is at risk but at the end of the day, your pocket can hurt if you do not have other means of livelihood.

However, there are exceptional events that political writers can benefit from – especially during election time when people are searching for the most updated results of the polls. Despite of that, it is still not enough to be told that one is just writing for money. It can be an outlet to have worthy things to do, a precaution for depression or a mere way to express one’s self. Despite of that, good political writers are still emerging – because passion just cannot die down. It needs to be served for a quality life with a special purpose.


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