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A Bloody People Power is at Stake on PDu30’s Impeachment – Can ICC Take the Risk?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Magdalo impeachment complaint against the president is just a mere propaganda for many analysts. It cannot destabilize the government as much as throwing accusations of state-sponsored killings of drug suspects to the UN. The destabilization label only emerges when Vice President Leni Robredo’s UN video release coincides with the impeachment filed. However, it is obvious that pro-administration supporters do not take this sitting down. They are willing to fight in the street until death if any international bodies like the ICC further interfere with the administration’s campaigns that would jeopardize PDu30’s reign.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: The impeachment complaint against the President can be viewed simply as a propaganda, given his popularity as a leader, a political analyst said.

Political Move

The Magdalo complaint is simply a legitimate political propaganda. It’s objective to remove the president from office is just too ambitious if not unreal. Various motives can be seen from the move. The chance to annoy, put the leader into a bad light, and perhaps try to persuade vulnerable pro-administration politicians to shift allegiance.

EJK Accusations

The allegation of current drug killings is something that mus be investigated. However, the allegation of DDS killings when PDU30 was still the mayor of Davao city cannot impeach the president. Its inclusion is clearly a technical mistake. In spite of this defect, the House can’t just support the complaint.


House Majority

PDU30 controls the House for one thing. No one can file another impeachment complaint against him for a year. This is pursuant to the 2003 Supreme Court ruling by Justice Carpio-Morales in Francisco vs. the House of Representatives. Thus the filing of Magdalo’s complaint actually helps rather than hurt DU30. This also allows DU30 to consolidate his own political base. The opposition should also do that after the impeachment complaint is trashed out

Bloody People Power

There are also calls to bring DU30 to the International Criminal Court at The Hague or ICC on the killings locally and overseas. This persists because of the influence of some powerful Liberal Party supporters. They can use a reputed DU30 ally who is a mayor, that flooded his town’s streets with banners denouncing the killings after around 60 of his constituents are murdered because of the drug war. It is rumored that other local government units are inclined to follow suit. Abroad, the UN special rapporteur on extra-judicial killings pronounces the Philippines as one of the worst places for human rights violations. The Filipinos hear these things but the majority of them back the president with their life. Can ICC take the risk on more deaths to come?

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