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Bongbong Marcos’ ASEAN Support: We are Not the Past but the Progressive Tomorrow


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Elena Grace Flores

Changes in Bongbong Marcos’ website include a countdown with no explanations.  It just coincides with the ASEAN event. This is very symbolic of his re-emergence given the pending electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo. His teaser video during the election campaign is also refreshed with the message: We are not the Past but the Progressive Tomorrow. It is not certain what the countdown is for although he is remembered for his ASEAN support to the President. Besides, the recount can start anytime soon.

Video by; Bongbong Marcos Website

[VIDEO]: Teaser Video of Bongbong Marcos’ Vice Presidential campaign.

Support for ASEAN Chairmanship for Tomorrow

Bongbong Marcos supports the ASEAN chairmanship of President Rodrigo Du30 specifically when he emphasizes a shared goal to ensure stability and security from external interference to negotiate peace and order. This is an ideal way for Asian countries to preserve national identity.

Trump Learns the ASIAN Way

ASEAN players pursue peace and stability in the region like maritime security and cooperation on the seas differently. The US President even skipped discussions on the Philippines’ overlapping claims with China in the South China Sea when he talks with Du30. Experts analyze the American leader’s move as downplaying his intention on that matter. This is the same as Du30’s strategy. He now courts China for support in pressuring North Korea to give up its nuclear program.

The President’s Firmness to China

The allied group might worry that that US base is not anymore in the country. There are speculations that China can attack the Philippines to stress on their South China Sea Claim. However, Du30 is already ahead of the game. He has befriended China and its ally, Russia with total cooperation. Both even helped the country in the Marawi crisis and the drug war. Then he tells the Chinese leader of the country’s West Philippine Sea position firmly. This time, China is not anymore defensive. Foreign Affairs Secretary, Alan Peter Cayetano said that the Philippine and Chinese leaders made assurances regarding the sea dispute. The dispute is still present but they have found a way to deal with it.

Marcos is Silent but Felt

The peace treaty was originally signed into force in 1976 by the leaders of the original members of ASEAN, including then-Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos. His son Bongbong knows exactly his plans for the progressive Philippines. He vows to continue them in support of the Du30 administration. In fact, the friendship with President Vladimir Putin of Russia and with President Xi Jinping of China is not unique. His late father initiated it for security, peace, and progress.

Duterte like Marcos Leads ASEAN to Regionalism that Brings out the Best of Asia

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