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Bongbong Marcos: Bloggers are Great Equalizers, Don’t Read if it’s Fake


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Elena Grace Flores

While the Senators are racing to think of a law to control alleged fake news among bloggers, Bongbong Marcos already has a sensible answer. Just don’t read the FAKE news. Bloggers are great equalizers. The good thing is – if you do not agree with them, you can respond and say so. You can also ignore and that would not make them survive the trade or passion. Who would want to write if there are no readers? He added.

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[VIDEO]: Former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr says his family has long suffered from fake news. He also believes it is readers’ responsibility to avoid blogs and posts they think are making false claims.

Cannot Control Bloggers

Marcos believes bloggers, regardless of their affiliations, should not be suppressed. Instead, he thinks it’s the readers’ responsibility to stop reading blogs they believe are making false claims. He and his family have long been victims of fake news. However, in a digital platform, one can either agree or disagree with the opinion. That’s the beauty of social media.

Readers’ Responsibility

Marcos said bloggers should not be stopped from expressing their thoughts online – whether or not they spout truthful statements. He believes the responsibility rests on the readers to stop reading blogs and posts they know are making false claims. I think the approach is wrong, because why would you suppress bloggers? I’ve been saying to just let them be because the Internet is the great equalizer. For example, someone blogs. If you read the blog and you see it’s full of lies, then don’t read it! That’s an opinion. Everyone is allowed to express their opinion, he explained.

Senate Neutrality

Senator Grace Poe praises Thinking Pinoy blogger Rey Joseph Nieto for his “excellent research” and “neutrality.” Thinking Pinoy, a blatantly pro-administration blog, is among the sites accused of propagating fake news or disinformation online. “You know we may or may not agree with you. But if there’s anything, you do excellent research and that’s the truth. You do excellent research – sometimes against us, sometimes for us,” Poe said

Democratic Expressions

Poe admits that she follows Nieto’s page other senators should also check this site “so we know how people think.” “So I hope you keep the neutrality. Like if you’re on a board, you can be an independent director. You can be in government but an independent consultant,” Poe reiterated. Nieto is currently a social media strategist and consultant at the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers’ Affairs. It is only agreeable when Nieto said that if many netizens are saying something, public officials must listen.