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Bongbong Marcos’ Christmas Message and his Ultimate Goal in Life


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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos pours his heart out in a video interview. He narrates tear-jerking memories of his father during Christmas. It’s all about the children. On the other hand, politics is never his ambition but a family situation calls for it. His goal in life is never to succeed always in making a difference – but to at least try and make other people’s lives better.

Youtube Video by PagBabago Ng Pinas


Busy Father and President

The late former President Ferdinand Marcos was indeed a very busy leader. However, in the memory of his son, their Christmas is with the orphans at the palace. He remembers kids holding an ice cream in one hand and candy in another while watching a magic show is a sight that can bring him to cry. This signifies that the Philippines really had a people’s president.

Anti-Marcos Political Propaganda

He sounds so cool talking about the detractors of his father. He knows so well who the man was – so he just takes all criticisms against him as an anti-Marcos political propaganda. This is a very distinct character of the younger Marcos. He is never judgmental. It’s also not his way to character-assassinate anybody like what his political rivals are doing.

Make Things Better

His greatest fear in life is to not being able to make a difference. It’s not even about successful endeavours but in trying to make things better. Making other people’s live better is happiness for him. Doing it in abundance brings satisfaction into his existence.

He Lives with his Father’s Word

Marcos is noticeably very careful with his words. He learned that from his father. Just recently, despite the somewhat clear injustice done by the Supreme Court allowing VP Leni Robredo to have the decrypted copies of documents from his pilot provinces without paying a single penny, he just calls it a grave error.  His late father instills it into his mind that word makes a man.

Bongbong Marcos: Supreme Court Commits Grave Error