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If Bongbong Marcos is corrupt, what did he steal?

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is a trend in the Philippines that when a good and popular politician is running for higher office, he or she will be accused of corruption right away. 2022 is still many tears to go but rest assured, Bongbong Marcos will be a target.

As recalled during the last Vice Presidential debate, Alan Peter Cayetano, tried desperately to ruin the good name of Bongbong Marcos – to at least pull him down as he was leading at that time. Even the alleged sins of his father were blamed unto him. He was also criticized for not being a part of any corruption hearings to topple corrupt officials.

Marcos’ Response

Bongbong Marcos made it a point not to be a part of any politicking efforts. Bringing rivals down by accusing them of being corrupt is not just his doings. He was disappointed with Cayetano however – that before their vice presidential bid, they were sharing food and drinks at the Marcos’ home but no mention whatsoever of any allegations against him.

No need to Steal

Despite Marcos the father’s sad end, the family remained wealthy. This triggered envious people to accuse them some more of stealing from the people. When the truth is, there’s nothing to steal from the country. It takes a talented politician to come up with strategies to raise funds for his or her constituents – and also get rewarded in the end. In this world, it is natural to be blessed when you give a lot.

Bongbong Marcos

Only Accusations

His father and mother got the taste of the judgemental public’s corruption allegations. The news of more than 1000 shoes of former first lady Imelda Marcos was even highlighted internationally. What they did not know is that – they were hurting the shoe makers in Marikina. Imelda Marcos heavily supported that industry then. To return back her kindness, she was given the best creations every now and then as they go along. Touched by the gestures, she exhibited the shoes in her corner in Malacanang. She gave value to the shoes given to her by showing them off – because she can’t just wear all of them. The media had different ridiculous stories and many people did not have the wisdom to analyze that.

Lovable Personality

You can’t imagine this man who’s family has been through a lot having a very jolly personality but with utmost decency.  He is down to earth as well. You can see by the way he talks that he is not only intelligent but he is filled with wisdom. Who cares if he did not finish his MBA? He is more than any degree already.

Shame to the Accusers

If you are one of the people who thinks that Bongbong Marcos is corrupt, ask yourself this. What did he steal? If you can’t answer that directly and have to refer to any media, then you are just a gossiper. Refrain from accusing others because it will surely go back to you!


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