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Bongbong Marcos as DILG Head May Discover What Jesse Robredo Knows

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The anticipated return of former senator Bongbong Marcos to government service is long overdue. The current DILG  Secretary paves the way to the president’s wishes. The president allegedly prepares for Marcos’ Cabinet post after the ban in May expires. As per the late Jesse Robredo’s video, like him, Marcos’ influence in the LGUs and the police is vital to the administration. He may uncover that some notorious corrupt officials are his own. That is speculated to be the cause of Robredo’s death. Rumor has it that the helicopter crash is not an accident.

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[VIDEO]: Get It Straight with Daniel Razon — Guest: DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo – part 01 – 2011/03/24

Presidential Bid

Mar Roxas, during the Aquino administration, becomes Interior Secretary to allegedly cultivate relationships with local leaders to advance his presidential ambitions. Marcos’ taking over the Department of Interior and Local Government can be a sign that they are on track with the presidency goal. Given that his election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo is still ongoing.

Jesse Robredo Claims He Knows a Lot

The late Jesse Robredo believes that people believe not what you say but what you do. So, he makes it a point not to accuse anyone of wrongdoings. Instead, he suggests methods on how to solve problems to erase the public’s doubts. Regardless of how diplomatic he is, he’s still caught in the crossfires between politicians, police authorities, and the church. Two things that Robredo may not accomplish while alive but he did through his death: the removal of Mr. Rico E. Puno from the DILG, and end his control over the Philippine National Police. The treatment he got from President Aquino, who reduced him to a figurehead in his department by de facto putting the PNP under the command of ex-USEC Puno who is Pnoy’s buddy and confidante.

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Accident or Murder?

Robredo’s widow, Vice President Leni Robredo despite occupying the second highest position of the land, follows the same approach as Pnoy when confronted with the investigation on her husband’s death. She’s quite convinced that what happened to the late DILG secretary is an accident – just like Cory and Pnoy’s disinterest on their patriarch’s assassination. It is also mysterious that Jesse Robredo’s widow is so loyal to Pnoy who is unfair to her late husband.

Will Bongbong Marcos be Safe?

Bongbong Marcos may have the advantage of the DILG post but he also has the disadvantage based on Jesse Robredo’s experience. The only sure advantage is his close relationship with President Digong. His influence and principles can even be felt through the decisions of the current leader. This should be enough to put all concerns behind  DILG secretary or not.

‘Robredo’s revenge’