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Bongbong Marcos’ Election Protest Can Only be a Disaster for Robredo


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

One year ago, Leni Robredo won the Vice Presidency by only a slim margin. On the eve of her oath-taking, Bongbong Marcos filed an election protest. He claimed that there was massive cheating in the 2016 polls. Now that he’s out of bondage from the ban for defeated candidates, it’s a win-win situation for him granting that he’s highly favored by the administration.

Youtube video from; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo pays the first installment – P8 million out of the 16 million service fee for her counter electoral protest but revealed that she’s struggling to complete the full amount.

Bad Start for Robredo

Shortly before Robredo’s proclamation, Marcos entered a plea to stop it pending the filing of his electoral protest against her. Aside from dealing with the protest, she was forced to resign from the HUDCC Cabinet. Online attacks and negative rumors about her and her family also surface. Now, impeachment complaints continue to give her hassles.

Endless Denial

Robredo, from the start, denied the cheating allegations. The Comelec also supported her claim by saying that the altered script was only due to a cosmetic change for names with “ñ” appearing with a “?”. Most voters cannot accept their alibi because Marcos was an Iglesia ni Kristo endorsee like the presidential winner – and they have noted anomalies in areas where their churches are.

PET Favored Marcos

In January Marcos’ lawyer urged the PET to move forward with the election protest by setting a preliminary conference in motion. This fast-tracks the case. The PET then declared Marcos’ protest as sufficient in form and substance in February. It denied Robredo’s appeal to junk Marcos’ protest. The process starts rolling on June 21. This is after both camps paid the required initial deposits.

Changes in the Government

As both camps submit motions in response to each other’s pleas, it is observed that the government seems to undergo militarization. Various presidential appointments in cabinet positions go to the armed forces personalities. General Eduardo Año is now the new DILG chief. Many Liberal Party members are also transferring to other political groups. Pro-Marcos politicians either get important tasks or assigned to top posts like Senator Gringo Honasan. Those who are indifferent to Marcos seem not to thrive in today’s structure of government – just like in Gina Lopez’s case. LP supporters can’t be blamed why they accuse the president of preparing Marcos to replace him. He perhaps called Senator Richard Gordon as the next president to mislead detractors. Robredo can very well end up penniless and powerless – a total disaster for a budding politician who chose the wrong affiliation.

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