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Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest is the Proof that Aquino’s EDSA Team Deprive People of their Rights to Choose

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former President Ferdinand Marcos warns the Filipino people that the very first thing that the communists would do is to deprive the people of their rights to choose. No one can dispute that the Edsa Revolution is meant to happen but according to Senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Gringo Honasan, it’s purpose is to control the chaos and make the Marcoses safe. Cory Aquino’s take over is one big mistake. She continued the communism acts of her husband, Ninoy Aquino. The Liberal Party would do anything to fulfill the vow of Noynoy Aquino to block Bongbong Marcos from the executive office.

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The Ignorant Deceiver

The United Democratic Opposition (UNIDO) decides to support the late Cory Aquino for President under the agreement that Cory serves as ceremonial President. Everyone knew that Cory has no knowledge of how to govern the country. She did not deny this but she actually had her own agenda.

Sacked Prime Minister

Doy Laurel is the agreed Prime Minister with a Cabinet composed of Parliament (Batasang Pambansa) members. Doy was appointed Prime Minister initially but sacked by Cory after. All members of the Cabinet are Peping Cojuangco and Ramon Mitra’s choices. Most of them are not members of Parliament, which is in violation of the Opposition-Cory agreement and JPE-FVR-Cory-Doy agreement. Cory accuses Enrile of rebellion and fired him as defense secretary due to his alleged role in several coup d’etat attempts led by Gringo Honasan.

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Parliament Dissolved

Cory and her crowd dissolved the Parliament. Not only to demolish a Marcos institution but to gain significant power. The aim is to get rid of UNIDO leaders, specifically the Nacionalista Party of Doy Laurel and its allies such as the Concerned Citizen’s Aggrupation of Cesar Climaco. The ranks of the Cory crowd want to grab power for themselves at the expense of the real Opposition, the UNIDO.

Not Too Strong to Fight the Cory Aquino Dictatorship

The late Doy Laurel and  Juan Ponce Enrile are the two leaders who can prevent Cory and her team from dissolving the Parliament. Doy is the Opposition head under UNIDO. Johnny heads the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). They choose to follow Marcos’ example to prevent bloodshed. They are afraid of the outpour of that crowd in EDSA. That might cause loss of lots of lives. They, however, make sure that the people know the truth. Doy’s wife explains why Marcos’ burial at the Heroes’ cemetery is just. Enrile continues to correct the wrong beliefs of Edsa. Gringo Honasan also supports Bongbong Marcos’ Vice Presidency bid.

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