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Bongbong Marcos Explains BBS Process contrary to Aquino’s Accusations

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos explains through the interview with Minke Enriquez that the passing of BBL must follow the local process before it will reach the senate. This is contrary to former President Aquino’s accusations that Enrile and him are conniving to block the approval of the BBL bill.

Youtube video by: Pinoy Epic Viral | PHILIPPINES

[VIDEO]: Interview with Mike Enriquez of DZBB for the program Ikaw na ba?

Nation Building

Bongbong Marcos observes that leaders are only mostly concerned with their political affiliations. This has caused disunity. Therefore, the government must focus on nation building because it has been left out for too long.

Selective Justice

Selective justice arises in the government because of the politicians’ intention to protect their political parties. They go after political rivals instead.

Opinion Matters

It is a fact that we can’t please everybody. There are always people who would oppose a certain idea. Therefore, it’s just a matter of statistics as to how many are in favor and how many are not.

Marcos Name

Bongbong smiled at the fact that he is a Marcos. For him, it’s an advantage and not a disadvantage. He can approach people in higher authorities easily compared to people with no names. He is proud of the fact also that wherever he goes, people tell him what his father has done for them.

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