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Bongbong Marcos Got a Diploma from Oxford, NOT a College Drop Out but better if he is!

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Why make a fuzz with Bongbong Marcos’ alleged degree at Oxford Univerity? Does it really matter? Records show that he completed the 2-year course and got awarded with a Special Diploma in Social Studies in 1978.  He enrolls in BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics  but did not finish it. He’s elected as Vice Governor of Ilocos Norte and has to come back to the country immediately. There are many billionaires and successful people without a degree in various fields. Why should politics be different?

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome

[VIDEO]: Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Thursday insisted that he earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oxford in England.

Previous Senate Post

The senate post of Bongbong Marcos’ educational attainment as per the screenshot published by PhilStar, shows only the name of the course and the years attended plus the category. Various media assumes that he made claims in graduating from Oxford and Wharton. The number of years can clearly determine if he finished such degrees if you know the requirement.

Ridiculous Comparison: Bongbong Marcos-Macoy

The Inquirer’s comparison between Bongbong Marcos and his alleged father’s exaggerating being a war hero during the Japanese invasion – is another mishap by twisted minds. But it is true though that great minds do not specify on details or they should be doing data input or clerical work. Their mind is geared on the goal that results to greatness. They will leave it up to the detailed oriented people to make the story correct. Historians should dig deeper in interviewing relevant people to get the real score on the older Marcos and the senate secretaries should look at the actual certificates before writing down anything on the senate website. Those details do not make them liars. They speak from their great mind and it’s up to you to cope. If you only see mistakes, then better clean that mind first.

Better to Have no Degrees

The long list of college dropouts headed by Bill Gates is still adding up because of technology. There are innovative things that brilliant minds can attain through their own initiatives than go through college. Online companies now are starting to prioritize hiring college dropouts because they can easily be flexible with the fast-changing applications and do not have the ego that hinders them to be successful in whatever they want to do or asked to do.

Different Level of Understanding

It is very clear in the Duterte administration that what we hear sometimes from the president is not what he actually meant. He has a fast, playful and great mind to start with. The type of brain that collects information, investigate, make a conclusion – but cannot be described properly by his words to be more understandable to the general public. The perfect example of the saying ‘actions speak louder than voice’. Bongbong Marcos will not care much about the details because he trusts his people to do that. What’s important for him is, to make sure that the citizens that he’s serving are not deprived having the quality public services the government is required to offer. The country must be first also to the opportunities ahead for progress. Those goals would make him a better president than anyone in the past, including his own father!

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