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Bongbong Marcos’ Humor Neutralizes Publicized Martial Law Scare

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Elena Grace Flores

The late President Ferdinand Marcos is demonized by black media propaganda using martial law to discredit his son, Bongbong Marcos. Despite this, the young Marcos always win hearts by just being himself. Just as when the recount for the VP race is set in February 2018, the possibility of the nationwide military rule looms. However, Armed Forces chief General Rey Leonardo Geurrero downplays its possibility. He says it is “speculative” at this point. Besides, only the LP Senator and their followers are scared shit about it. The rest of the Filipinos, just couldn’t care less.

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[VIDEO]: Take a peak of Bongbong Marcos humor and wisdom in marriage.

Martial Law Scare

Talks of a nationwide martial law once again float after the Congress voted to further extend the martial rule to the entire Mindanao. The opposing faction raises fears that martial law’s expansion into the entire country nears. The ongoing campaign against the communist New People’s Army or NPA tags the insurgents as a terrorist organization. That is the same reason why the late Marcos declared it for the whole country.

Human Rights Made as an Excuse

Guerrero warns that the martial law expansion is possible only if the government’s adversaries turn violent. The extended martial law in Mindanao is until December 31, 2018. Critics of the martial law fear that the declaration results in human rights violations. The same people who are more concerned with the outlaws’ welfare than the law-abiding citizens.

Anti Martial Law Lawmakers

Four Senators voted against the military rule in Mindanao extension in the Senate. They are:

  • Senators Franklin Drilon
  • Paolo Benigno Aquino IV
  • Risa Hontiveros
  • Francis Pangilinan

14 lawmakers are in favor of it.

Bongbong Marcos’ Humor in Contrast with Propaganda

Social media now becomes a reliable source of information in real-time. Traditional media have lost their credibility but also reliability when they fail to cover news that contradicts martial law black media propaganda for 30 years. People who are able to interact with Bongbong Marcos can really attest that there is no tyranny in him. Though humor and wisdom abound.

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