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Bongbong Marcos is Consistent that Robredo is a Product of Fraudulent Election


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos is always consistent that Leni Robredo wins because of a fraudulent election. In fact, on his previous talk with the President, the latter was sad that his win was also marred by fraud. However, all his presidential rivals conceded to him because of his wide gap to the next choice, Mar Roxas.

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PET Rule

Under Rule 65 of the PET rules, revision of ballots and reception of evidence will begin with the provinces identified by both parties. Robredo designated three provinces – Capiz, Sulu, and North Cotabato which they believed would best exemplify election irregularities. Whereas, Bongbong Marcos raised Camarines Sur, Negros Oriental, and Iloilo.

Expedite Proceedings?

To allegedly expedite the proceedings, Robredo asked the PET to first resolve the question on the integrity of the automated election system. This is raised by Marcos as his first cause of action. Like the previous ruling of the Supreme Court, Robredo’s camp should know that such request is concluded after the electoral protest.

Preferred Motion

The Robredo camp also proposed the creation of 25 revision committees to treat the voter verifiable paper trail (VVPAT) but was deferred by PET. It grants Marcos’ plea to assign 3 commissioners for the electoral protest instead. All through the course of the protest, Robredo’s acts are deemed as delaying tactics.

No Doubt on Fraudulent Election

Marcos never doubts that he is the winner of the 2016 VP race. Therefore, he is the real successor to the presidency that is rumored to be fragile these days. The President supports this and is hanging on to the right time. After all, he feels that he’s too old for the country’s problems and believes in Marcos to lead the country to progress.

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