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Bongbong Marcos is Heading Towards the Election Recount Now


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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos said that he now prepares for the recount of votes in connection with his electoral protest to the 2016 vice presidential election. Leni Robredo claims her victory despite his protest on the anomalous hairline margin. Marcos is confident that the discrepancy can easily be wiped out through a recount that can be done in one and a half month.

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[VIDEO]: Kampo ni Bongbong Marcos, may mungkahi para mapabilis ang pagsuri sa mga balota.

Organizing the Election Recount Revisors

Bongbong Marcos said; “I have started organizing the revisors, or those who will open the ballot boxes and count the votes,” said Marcos during the Marcos 100 Forum at Mariano Marcos State University.

Action of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court that acts as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal also prepares the gymnasium at the SC compound. This is where the recount will be conducted, Marcos added. There are also two other venues in the SC grounds that can serve as storage places for the ballot boxes and election paraphernalia.

Recount Amidst Propaganda

It can be observed that massive media propaganda from both the pro and anti-administration factions are ongoing. Nevertheless, Marcos concentrates on the recount despite Robredo’s continues attack on his father’s legacy as his family celebrates the fallen President’s 100th birth anniversary.

Over in Less than Two Months

Marcos said that once the recount begins, it would be over in one and a half months. News on the truth about the COMELEC Chair and the wealth for humanity favor Marcos greatly. Not to mention President Du30’s utmost support. This triggers the LP to bombard the current President with various allegations just like what they did during the Marcos regime. However, they tend to forget that they are not anymore in power. Their dirty tricks before can easily fail now.

Bongbong Marcos: We are preparing recount

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