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Bongbong Marcos: Martial Law is Necessary to Control Insurgents

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The namesake and son of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos, Bongbong Marcos backs the president by saying that the only way to control insurgents in Mindanao is to declare martial law. This is the same as the idealism of his father. The older Marcos is often called a dictator even if he’s a leader who deliberately follows the constitution.

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: In an interview, Bongbong Marcos justifies the action of the president in declaring martial law in Mindanao after the Marawi incident.

Right Move in Mindanao

Marcos observes in the last 24 hours that the terror attacks are not just simply terrorism movements. They intend to destabilise the government. There seems to be a higher hierarchy that prompt the rebels in connivance with ISIS to spread terror recently in Marawi. The president does not take this lightly for sure.

Destabilisation Efforts

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said troops raided the hideout of a top terrorist suspect in Marawi that sparks a gunbattle. That prompted the militants to call for reinforcements from an allied group, the Maute. He said dozens of gunmen occupy the city hall. A hospital, a jail and a Catholic church are burned. A college and some houses are under attack. Two soldiers and a police officer are killed. 12 others are wounded.

Muslim Extremists

Du30 immediately left Moscow to deal with a crisis in the Philippines.  Muslim extremist start the siege on a city. Militants burned buildings overnight and are feared to have taken hostages. They are noted to do such things when their demands are not met by the administration.


Duterte declares martial rule for 60 days in the entire southern Mindanao region. The military is under a strict order to crush Muslim extremists. These insurgents align themselves with the Islamic State group. Martial law could be extended for a year depending on how long the problem persists. It can go on indefinitely if the government has difficulty in establishing control over these lawless people.

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