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Bongbong Marcos Must be Aware of Trillanes, the Defender of the Liberal Faith as per Zubiri – Pacified by Pacquiao and Others

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The near blows between Senator Migz Zubiri and Antonio Trillanes unveiled many secrets. Many are wondering why the libelous senator and rebel, Trillanes is never disciplined. This is despite his unruly behavior in the senate. He is certainly the defender of the Liberal Party faith due to former president’s pardon on his rebellion.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Senators Miguel Zubiri and Antonio Trillanes face-off over name-calling on BI probe. Senator Manny Pacquiao tries to pacify the two.

Bureau of Immigration Scandal

Zubiri and Trillanes’ arguments in the plenary session heated up. The proposed probe on the bribery scandal in the Bureau of Immigration (BI) leads to a near fist fight. The probe involves bribery in the department when the gambling operations of Chinese businessman Jack Lam who employ illegal Chinese immigrants breaks up.

Trillanes Stripped to Lead Investigation

It is alleged that Trillanes was stripped by colleagues of handling the investigation on the issue which after Sen. Richard Gordon insisted that his committee on justice and human rights should be the panel to handle the probe.

Whitewashing Accusation

Trillanes accused Gordon and Zubiri of trying to whitewash the proceedings that will have Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre and two dismissed BI officials investigated in the Senate for alleged bribery by Lam. “They wanted to be in control of the hearings so they can whitewash this,  similar to the EJK (extrajudicial killings) hearings (in the Senate) in the previous month, said Trillanes through a media interview.

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Ungentlemanly Actions of Trillanes

But rather than apologize, Trillanes admits that his statements are meant to take offense and proud of the fact that he was indeed accused of rebellion in the past. It’s a badge of honor for him. He will always carry out the fulfillment of the Liberal Party’s faith because Pnoy pardoned him and released him from prison. Since his boss vowed to stop Bongbong Marcos from holding any position in the executive office, Bongbong Marcos can easily be a target of Trillanes’ malicious moves, just like what he did to Binay and Duterte.

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