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Bongbong Marcos Need Not Withdraw Electoral Protest vs Robredo Upon DILG Appointment Like Mar Roxas

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella, as usual, does not have knowledge on sensitive issues – until the president himself declares it. The possible appointment of Marcos to the DILG is not yet confirmed by the Office of the President but Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman already demands that Bongbong Marcos must withdraw his electoral protest against Robredo. He falsely said that if Marcos accepts it, he is constrained to withdraw his petition. The court has many rulings on that,” he added. What about the case of Mar Roxas?

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[VIDEO]: 24 Oras is GMA Network’s flagship newscast, anchored by Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco. Mar Roxas’ installation as DILG Secretary despite the ongoing electoral protest against then Vice President Jejomar Binay. The electoral case was dismissed after a new Vice President in the person of Leni Robredo succeeded Binay.

DILG is Not an Elective Post for Bongbong Marcos

Former election commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal lectures Galman that in the case of the late Miriam Santiago, her 1992 electoral protest against former President Fidel Ramos is dismissed because she ran for an elective post, which is for senator. The DILG secretary is an appointee of the president. Bongbong Marcos need not abandon the electoral protest versus VP Leni Robredo.

When does an Electoral Protest Become Moot?

The PET discloses that Roxas’ electoral protest in relation to the 2010 polls become moot right after VP Leni Robredo assumes the office of the vice president after Binay’s full term. This is after the May 2016 elections dubbed as the most fraudulent one. The PET adds that the tenure of office (2010 to 2016) as contested by Roxas and Binay expires upon Robredo’s succession.

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Remains an Academic Process

Indeed, it is a futile process for the Tribunal to revise and engage in academic discussion in order to determine who really is the winner in the 2010 vice presidential race. It brings no practical value and purpose for the parties because the term is simply over. So, even if this happens to Marcos’ case, it is not really a concern.

Roxas’ Protests against Binay

In his election protest, Roxas asks the tribunal to account the three million null votes and other votes that are not counted during the national canvassing after the May 10, 2010, automated elections. He also calls for a review of the automated elections system in light of the technical glitches that happen before, during, and after the elections. Roxas lost to Binay by a substantial margin of 700,000 votes whereas Robredo’s win over Marcos has a very slim margin of only around 200,000 votes. Since Bongbong Marcos is more popular than Mar Roxas, his stint as DILG secretary makes him a lot closer to the presidency for 2022.

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