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Bongbong Marcos: Not Happy with PCGG’s Negligence on Family Artworks


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

PCGG’s mismanagement of the sequestered artworks or valuable paintings from the Marcos family results in their deterioration and loss. This prompts the CoA to urge the agency to coordinate with the museums where they are stored for safe keeping.

Youtube video from; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Publiko, puwedeng tumulong sa paghahanap sa mga painting ng mga Marcos sa The Missing Art Movement

No Measures in Place

Contrary to the PCGG’s mandate under Section 3(b) of Executive Order No. 1, series of 1986, to prevent the destruction of the ill-gotten properties sequestered from the family and cronies of late President Ferdinand Marcos, it still has no guidelines in place. Therefore, it cannot hold anyone accountable for the missing or destroyed artworks.

Inventory Discrepancy

As per the May 31 and June 1, 2016, inventories, the CoA found that the three Russian iconography paintings are missing from the storage room of the Metropolitan Museum. It only physically checked 17 paintings at the Malacañang Antique Houses. Six paintings are declared as “missing” since the 2012 inventory report.

Signs of Deterioration

It is noted that most of the pieces have smudges on the glass, scratches, and residue on the frames. As well as dirt on the velvet outer matting, and mold and insect infestation on the backing tape. Some of the paintings are already dirty and have scratches on the surface due to humid temperature. At least one has cracks in the paint itself.

The Missing Art Movement

The PCGG used technology in involving the public to look for the missing paintings. They launched The Missing Art Movement instead of tracing the museum caretaker who already resigned. Something is really fishy here and this is probably why Bongbong Marcos refuses to comment on this.

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