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Bongbong Marcos Noted the Supreme Court Lapse but Still Believes in Filipino Unity

Supreme Court

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Elena Grace Flores

The Supreme Court did not explain why it granted on November 7 Robredo’s request to have soft copies of the decrypted ballots from the secure digital or SD cards for the provinces of Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental. These are the three pilot provinces of Bongbong Marcos for his election protest. Marcos describes the PET’s decision as a grave error in his December 4 partial motion for reconsideration. However, there’s nothing that can change his belief in Filipinos.

Youtube Video by MASAYA KA BA?

[VIDEO]: This is a video compilation of the fluctuating decisions of the Supreme Court that signifies the pro and anti-Marcos forces within the judiciary. Plus Bongbong Marcos’ trust in the Filipino race.

Can’t Let this Supreme Court Lapse Go Easily

The former Senator asks the Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal to reconsider its decision. It allows the Vice President to secure copies of the ballot images in connection with the recount in February 2018.

No Share in Almost 3 Million Pesos Cost

Marcos stresses that Robredo did not contribute any share in the P2,974,075 expenses and supplies. She should not be allowed by the PET to obtain the soft and even printed copies of the decrypted images of the ballots, election returns, audit logs and other relevant documents. These are for all the protested clustered precincts of his pilot provinces.

Easy but Unbelievable Bluff

Macalintal said Robredo will give Marcos copies of reports if she will ask for decryption. However, this is unbelievable. They cannot even pay their 7 Million Pesos balance for her counter-protest against Marcos. Let alone any additional costs. Marcos lost to Robredo by 263,473 votes. That is considered as a hairline advantage that can easily be proven through the upcoming recount.

Ex-Pnoy’s Fear on Marcos

The digital election machine provider, Smartmatic is headed by Mark Brown. He is the brain behind the Liberal Party’s yellow ribbon. He orchestrates the so-called EDSA revolution by launching black media propaganda to demonize the late President Ferdinand Marcos. According to IT experts, the 3-hour media blackout on the alleged election transparency servers is enough to manipulate the results in such machines. Coincidentally both Robredo and former President Noynoy Aquino’s televised counts suffer the same occurrence.

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