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Bongbong Marcos: Proving Electoral Fraud is Easy with Free-Flowing Evidence

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Now that the Supreme Court announces the go signal of Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protests against Vice President Leni Robredo, Bongbong Marcos stands with previous comments that the process won’t take long because of the free-flowing evidence captured in the protest. Therefore, the political suicide comment of Robredo’s lawyer Romulo Macalintal that it’s a political suicide if Marcos accepts a cabinet post is again wrong and just a propaganda by Robredo’s camp. What’s wrong with a Vice President and DILG Secretary at the same time?

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos: Explains why his electoral protest against Leni Robredo won’t take that long same as the others.

Free-Flowing Evidence and Recount

Evidence from various groups and the public sympathy in black and white are more than enough to prove that Bongbong Marcos is indeed cheated by the political party of Vice President Leni Robredo. In fact, the Bihomadu group that stands for Binay, Honasan, Marcos and the President’s initial is already an overwhelming force to prove fraud through the accumulated evidence by the alliance.

Failure of Some Elections

It is demanded in the protest that a recount in some questionable precincts must be done to really account the illegally void votes. Macalintal can see that this process can drag the case for many years. However, Marcos said that it is also indicated in the protest that in the case of massive fraud, failure of elections must be declared in affected precincts. Therefore, a vote recount is not anymore necessary.

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Not about Bongbong Marcos but for the Voters

Letter and affidavits gathered are not all from Bongbong Marcos loyalists. Many come from those who are voters of Honasan, Cayetano and other Vice Presidential candidates. Although these people did not vote for him, they divulge what they witness when they cast their votes. They can attest that Marcos is indeed cheated. The electoral protest is not just Bongbong Marcos’ fight but for all voters whose votes are not counted.

Fraudulent Process of Elections

The Philippines can become a big laughing stock for having such massive fraudulent election even with the use of digital technology. This must be corrected whatever it takes. In the mean time, while the procedural process of the protest is ongoing, Bongbong Marcos is expected to assume the DILG cabinet post.

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