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Bongbong Marcos Reminds People that Bong Revilla is Only On Trial – Not a Convicted Plunderer

Bong Revilla

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The defense team of Bong Revilla recently discloses that the late Marcos’ Solicitor General is Revilla’s new lawyer. This is before his plea is granted to visit his ailing father at the St. Luke’s Hospital in Taguig. Criticisms emerge that special treatment is evident in the senator’s case. Bongbong Marcos defended him by saying that people should remember that he’s in prison pending trial and he is not a convicted plunderer yet. In fact, he should be out of prison if justice takes that long.

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[VIDEO]: Bong Revilla latest news | Revilla seeks furlough to visit ailing father

Bong Revilla’s Motion for Hospital Visit

Revilla Sr undergoes heart surgery on February 8 and he specifically requested Senator Revilla to be at his side before the surgery. The younger Revilla feels it is his obligation to come to the aid of his father, who is very close to him. To spend a few moments together to provide former Senator Revilla Sr the needed assurance and support is definitely not a luxurious request. Revilla Sr is diagnosed with “severe aortic stenosis” that requires valve replacement.

Ferdinand E. Marcos’ Sol Gen

The solicitor general of Bongbong Marcos’ father, the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos is the newest lawyer of former senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. Former solicitor general Atty. Estelito Mendoza arrived on the first day of the trial of Revilla and presented himself as the newest addition to senator’s defense panel. Atty Mendoza felt privileged with his appearance in collaboration with the counsel for Revilla. He is just one of the lawyers as a personal choice, he humbly added.

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Politically Motivated

Bong Bong Marcos feels at first that Bong Revilla’s plunder and graft charges at the Sandiganbayan over the “pork barrel” scam as politically motivated is a little too vague. Rumors have it that this is allegedly the result of Revilla’s plan to run for the presidency last 2016.  The tandem between him and Revilla was speculated thereby the accusations. At first, Marcos did not realize how serious Pnoy was when he vowed to block him from the executive office – but his electoral protest against Leni Robredo proves how convinced he is now that Aquino and his Liberal Party colleagues would do anything to stop him from returning to power.

Filipino Compassion

Bongbong Marcos believes that the Filipino culture always entails compassion. The president also believes in the right to pay policy that can set Bong Revilla free, guilty or not in a not so distant future.

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