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Bongbong Marcos Respects DOJ Secretary’s Views: Marcos Not A Hero – He’s More than That?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos hears the Department of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre comment for sure but as he always say, they are entitled to their own opinion. Aguirre is one od the few  government officials to publicly state that the late President Ferdinand Marcos was no hero. He does not want to comment on the recent Marcos Burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, but he does not believe that Marcos was a hero – which is not new to the Marcoses’ ears at all – and no one from them also insisted. Contrary to all of that, official military records clearly shows that the late Marcos was not just a hero, he has exhibited selfless actions for the benefit of his country during the Japanese invasion to the highest level. If he is not a hero for doing that, what is he then? A super hero?

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[VIDEO]: Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, hindi naniniwalang Bayani si Marcos. November 21, 2016

No Order Stops the Burial

Aguirre reiterated that Nobody is claiming except for som -that Marcos is a hero. But personally, he does not think he’s a hero. Aguirre was a former anti-Marcos activist. He i reluctant to comment on the legality of the Marcos burial. He instead stressed the Supreme Court Spokesperson’s declaration that there is no order stopping the burial so, the Marcoses can do it.

Alter-Ego of the President

Aguirre chooses to be silent about his opinions against the Marcoses because he respects the President’s decision.  The Supreme Court also approves it. Despite carrying out the burial within the 15 days window that the opposing group can file a motion for consideration, it is the right of the Marcoses to implement SC’s current ruling. Aguirre may be careful not to contradict the President’s stand on the issue because he thinks that he’s the alter-ego of the president, so he’d rather keep his peace.

Military Record Shows that Marcos is a Hero at the Highest Order

Marcos, is a former soldier, who was awarded the medal of valor in 1958 for his heroism in the Philippine-US resistance against Japanese occupation during the World War II. The medal of valor is the highest honor that the military awards to its outstanding soldiers. Marcos’s act fit to the definition of a hero as per military standards as confirmed by SolGen Calida. Presidential Decree 1687 defines the meaning of a medal of valor awardee. The Medal of Valor ‘is the highest award that may be given a Filipino soldier in recognition of conspicuous acts of gallantry above and beyond the call of duty and in total disregard of personal safety’. An awardee of the Medal of Valor, for his supreme self-sacrifice and a distinctive act of gallantry, performed more than ordinarily hazardous service and deserves due recognition from a grateful government and people.

Marcos did not give the Award to Himself

Marcos being a hero is backed my the requirements given by the military. Even if he issued PD 1687 under where he got the highest recognition. I did not mean that he issued the award himself because it went through the tough and strict scrutiny and process of the military. He only signed the decree but he did not nominate himself for the award nor get involved in the whole process.

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