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Bongbong Marcos: Reveals America’s Involvement in the Military Mutiny that Topples his Father’s Government

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos claims that the 1986 EDSA People Power revolt called by its initiator as mere military mutiny is inspired by the Americans. Marcos recalls how he witnessed the to several back-and-forth exchanges between his father, the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos and US Ambassador to the Philippines, Stephen Bosworth. Senator Juan Ponce Enrile now backs Bongbong Marcos.

Youtube video by; Jim Laurie
[VIDEO]: from ABC News This Week with David Brinkley Sunday morning February 23rd, see the chronology of events that led to the overthrow of long-time leader Ferdinand Marcos who dominated Philippine politics from December 30, 1965, until his departure under pressure on February 25, 1986.

American Media Propaganda

Then president Marcos exerts serious pressure to enact political, economic and military reforms to fight the communist insurgency. The US intelligence reports massive fraud in the February 7, 1986 elections. This is carried out by huge American media. Marcos is the winner in the said elections. Washington taints the alliance with the Marcos’ government by accusing the deceased strongman of fraud without evidence and due process.

Ex-US President’s Ronald Reagan’s Betrayal

US President Ronald Reagan is close to Marcos since 1969 and is sympathetic toward him who is an important US ally. But Reagan publicly condemns the election on February 15, without giving his friend the benefit of the doubt. The stream of communications from Reagan’s advisers to Marcos are proofs that they are conniving with the opposition in pressing for a peaceful transition. That becomes increasingly blunt.

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Marcos’ Offer to Cory Aquino

Marcos allegedly offers Cory Aquino to secure loans from the International Monetary Fund or fight the communists in exchange of not fleeing the country. Perhaps, stay in Ilocos. He does not want to be exiled in the US. He wants assurances for the safety of his family and his close associates. Why is this request channeled through Washington and with Paul Laxalt, a Republican senator from Nevada if the Americans are not behind Cory Aquino?

Not Allowed to Stay

Marcos calls Laxalt and decides to leave the Palace and relinquish office as per the recommendation of his friend, Enrile whom he loved like a brother. At last minute he begs to remain in the Philippines. The message is relayed to Ramos, via Bosworth. It is denied. To this date, Enrile to correct the wrong information about the 1986 Revolt. He made it clear that Marcos is not the culprit but Cory Aquino. Bongbong Marcos is right after all.

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