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Bongbong Marcos Reveals the Ultimate Goal of Robredo’s Delaying Tactics

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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos does not take the recount for his election protest sitting down. He prepares his team of experts to cover developments, enhance his social media presence, and most of all, speaks his mind out when asked directly. As per the video coverage, he confirms vehemently the ultimate goal of the delaying tactics imposed by VP Leni Robredo’s Camp. Her lawyer tries to influence him to run for Senator in 2019. He firmly declined, to their dismay because he’s already the Vice President, he said.

Youtube Video by Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos discloses that Robredo’s lawyer pushes him to run for Senator in 2019. This is his reply.

Delaying Tactics

The electoral protest against Robredo involves the unending filing of motions for reconsideration for every move of the Marcos Camp. Robredo, in fact, filed a motion for reconsideration even for the recount. She claimed that the allegations made by Marcos were not enough to open ballot boxes. Marcos’ spokesman, Atty. Vic Rodriguez disputes this by saying that if Robredo really has nothing to hide, she should not resort to delaying tactics. She must allow the proceedings to continue if she is not guilty, Rodriguez added.

Justice Caguioa’s Hand

Marcos slams Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa who handles his election protest for his injustices. He cites paying the Tribunal P7 million upfront to decrypt the ballots but he is still waiting for its progress. Whereas, it grants Robredo’s access to their soft copies as soon as she files a motion. The cost is still running for ink, paper, and others. The PET deprives Marcos of the documents that the tribunal required him to pay “only to grant them to Robredo for free.” Besides, Marcos is the one who moved for the decryption and Robredo even opposed it

Push from Robredo’s Lawyer

Marcos discloses earlier that Robredo’s legal counsel, Romulo Macalintal suggests that he should run for Senator in 2019. He is surely the number one, Macalintal added. However, Marcos knows that the protest will be rendered moot and academic if he does so. It shows his disinterest in the case.

Bongbong Marcos’ Firm Reply

Marcos is now simply reclaiming the seat that is taken away from him through fraudulent means. However, unfavorably to them, Marcos vowed to fight until the very end. He knows that he is the rightful Vice President and he is about to unveil how he was cheated.

Bongbong Marcos is Determined to Finish the Protest against Robredo, Win or Lose

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