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Bongbong Marcos And Robredo’s Case: 9 SC Judges To Vote In Favor Of Marcos?

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Vice President Leni Robredo can only joke her fears away over the upcoming PET ruling on Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against her. This is in line with President Rodrigo Duterte’s announcement that the country will have a new Vice President if Marcos will win the said protest. In reality, her fear that she has to step down soon is actually a possibility given that a majority of nine Supreme Court judges voted in favor of the Marcos burial recently.

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Leni Robredo’s Joke is Her Fear

The fear is a reality but Bongbong Marcos can only say to her; I warned you so! She insisted that the Liberal party did not cheated for her advantage and accused the late Ferdinand Marcos of being a cheater, a thief and a liar that Marcos supporters will find it hard in their hearts to forgive her. It is not surprising why she is the most unpopular V.P. in the country.

15 Days Leeway

Robredo was disappointed that the burial happened because of the connivance of “some government agencies disregarding allegedly the judicial process. “She stressed that there was still a 15-day window or leeway for filing a motion for reconsideration from the date after the Supreme Court decided in favor of the Marcoses on November 8. Is it the Marcoses fault that they cannot act immediately? Besides, the burial is already approved not just by the SC but also by the president. In fact, the whole Philippine National Police Department organized and celebrated that.

The V.P. cannot Respect or Understand A Family Affair

Robredo aske; was there a need to hide a funeral and treat it like a shameful criminal deed? Perhaps, someone should give her a lecture to give respect to what the family wishes for their dead. It’s called “Privacy Rights”. Cant she not understand that a clash between the Marcos supporters and her Liberal Party can cause disunity or even civil war to the extreme?

Why is she holding in the Position that is not for Her?

At first, many people are giving her the benefit of the doubt that she is just being used for the Liberal Party’s political agenda – but as she progresses in office, she has really embraced the heartless, unfair and judgmental nature of the party. She really belongs there. Therefor, she is guilty with the cheating anomalies during the election.


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