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Bongbong Marcos Seeks Annulment for Election Results where he Got Zero Votes


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos clarifies in an interview that the ruling on his plea to annul the election results in the areas where he got zero votes is yet to come. These provinces are; Basilan, Maguindanao and Lanao del Norte. He seeks its annulment due to the many complaints of Iglesia ni Kristo members in those areas who voted for him as mandated by their church.

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Election Results Not Likely

Affidavits from the Iglesia ni Kristo members of the 3 ARMM provinces show their concern that they can be considered disobedient because of the missing votes for Marcos. They are registrants in those questionable precincts but their votes were not counted. The INC practices the block voting as one congregation nationwide for the candidates endorsed by their leaders.

High Count of Undervotes

The high count of undervotes is the basis for the 3 selected pilot provinces for the recount. These are Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental. Liberal Party’s bailiwick is Camarines Sur. However, it turns out that based on the standard of the automated election, the more than 50% undervotes per precinct is an obvious indication that there’s fraud in those areas.

Trend Interruption Overnight

Marcos contests the results of 36,465 clustered precincts in 30 provinces and cities all over the country. He cites fraud under three main issues in his protest, namely the “flawed” Automated Election System (AES); the failure of elections in several provinces in Mindanao; and the unauthorized introduction by Smartmatic’s Marlon Garcia of a new hash code or script into the Transparency Server on the day of the elections. Besides instead of the 3 Comelec servers, Smartmatic admits that there were actually 5. These can cause the sudden change of trend during the night of the election

Marcos Concentrates on the Protest

The senatorial election in 2019 is still far to think about, Marcos said. He concentrates on the electoral protest against Leni Robredo for the time being. This is also what the President wants. His lawyers said that if the smooth process continues, the recount can last only 180 days with the 3 officers provided by the Supreme to officiate various hearings. It is evident that the SC prepares for the recount and it also sets aside all pending motions to prevent delay. Marcos is very thankful for that.

PET panel to speed up resolution of Marcos-Robredo VP dispute

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