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This is How Bongbong Marcos’ SONA Looks Like when he Becomes President


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos presented before businessmen what he thinks on how to address the country problems. He also elaborated on the possible solutions before he ran for Vice President during the 2016 elections. It was like his own SONA at the Asia CEO Talks that was held at the Marriot in Pasay City.

Youtube video from; Asia CEO

[VIDEO]: With a 25-year career serving the Filipino people and arguably the country’s most storied political dynasties behind him, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. is the first featured speaker of Asia CEO’s newest forum series — the Asia CEO Talks.

National Pride

“I will immediately work to restore in all Filipinos the lost sense of pride in themselves and pride in being citizens of the Republic of the Philippines. We had at some point in our history that pride, that sense of nationhood but we see it has gone astray and we have lost it,” Marcos said. As always, he believes in the capabilities of the Filipinos. If the government system nurtures its citizens, people can only progress. He adds to look at the overseas Filipinos who excel in a global scale.

Marcos’ Vision

“My vision of our country is one that can overcome its economic and social challenges by drawing on our own strengths and drawing on our unity,” Marcos said. He was asked about how to go about the transport system of the country and he replied to not shop around. Base it on how other countries are doing it. It must be affordable and efficient for public use. On the social front, he cites the healthcare system in Melbourne that residents get quality healthcare and hospitalization for free.

Poverty Reduction

Marcos went on to present his plans for the country’s poor, emphasizing that they’re only “hypothetical.” He explains that if a person has a decent job and can provide a good life for his family, there’s no reason for him to take up weapons and become a rebel or a terrorist. He also urged to treat Muslims as Filipinos. Not something else. The government must implement an active policy for fair distribution of wealth economically speaking. This is possible through a government service that gives the economic infrastructure to its citizens. The key is quality education to start with.

Presidential Plans

“I believe you will become the President of the Philippines,” said one of those who lined up to ask him a question. This is to the delight of the audience. Marcos belongs to the Nacionalista Party of former Senator Manuel Villar Jr. and is President Du30’s choice for his successor in the Presidency should he win his election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo who was present at the President’s recent SONA.

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