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Where Bongbong Marcos Stands in the Election Protest against Leni Robredo


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos came close to being elected vice president in the 2016 election. That could have made him the official successor to Du30 if he chose to abdicate. It is a scenario that the president himself raised as a possibility. But teh chance is automatically eliminated because of his defeat in the VP race. He is disputing Leni Robredo through an electoral protest. The supreme court is also faced with various motions to expedite the case.

Youtube video from; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Marcos said that all voters have the right to know where their votes went in the 2016 vice presidential election.

Public Interest

“Public interest demands,” he told the Court, that it resolve his protest “with dispatch, to determine once and for all the genuine choice of the electorate . . . it is neither fair nor just to keep in office for an uncertain period one whose right to it is under suspicion.” Te urgency here is clear as it is very obvious that Leni Robredo’s camp is holding on to their delaying tactics in every chance they can possibly have.

Detractors’ Claim

Detractors say that Bongbong Marcos can’t wait. It is also wrong to claim that he is impatient or not used to losing. He might be the apple of everyone’s eye during his father’s time but it is evident that he learned lots of positive values from their intense experience. Life in exile is not at all short and comfortable for the family that only desire for the nation’s progress.

Never Convicted

Marcos was back in the country as a senator. His widowed mother and two sisters also returned to power and influential society. Former first lady Imelda is now in Congress. His older sister Imee is the governor of their province. The younger sister Irene maintains being the patroness of the arts. Anti-Marcos politicians complained that no one of them spent a day in jail. that only proves that the murder and plunder allegations were all fabricated by their enemies.

Election Fraud was Clear

Anomalous activities that favored Leni Robredo during the 2016 election were clear, said Marcos. This is the reason why he decides to file the electoral protest despite its high cost. The people have the right to know where their votes went. There might be a big force that would want him to be the presiden’t successor soon. There is always the right time for it. If his family can wait more than 3 decades of being attacked by the yellow people’s black media propaganda, 2022 is not that far.

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