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Bongbong Marcos Supporters Advice Anti-Marcos Rally Holders: Ask Enrile, Ramos & World Bank

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It is easier to say that there are a lot of idiots shown in the with big mouths shouting the wrong accusations against the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos. For the sake of unity, we’ll just say they are innocents, brainwashed or people who don’t read facts. It is very clear that the reason why they are against the burial because they wanted to stop Bongbong Marcos from becoming president some day. If not, why won’t they ask Enrile and Ramos who are still alive to shed light on why they allow martial law abuses to happen – because they are more in control with the Philippine Constabulary directly than Marcos? As far as stealing is concerned, why not listen to the World Bank saying, a certain Ferdinand E. Marcos deposited a bunch of gold for the Philippines since 1960 which is used as gold reserves for the country since then until now?

Youtube video by; KyleIsAwesome

[VIDEO]: Martial Law victims and students from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, UP Integrated School, Miriam College and Ateneo de Manila University joined forces and held protest actions a few hours after the late President Ferdinand Marcos was buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani last November 18.

Remember the Big Mouths with no Brains

It is evident in this video how some people open their big mouths without investigating the truth. The president who secured their future making sure that the gold reserves will benefit the people of the Philippines for a long period of time without the risk of losing them to robbers is the subject of their ridiculous chants.

Who Ordered the Abductions, Killings, and Rape during Martial Law?

It is a very good question but these protesters are barking on the wrong tree. President Marcos is already dead. He can’t answer. Why not ask Enrile who already tell protesters to shut up because they knew nothing and Ramos who urges the Marcoses to apologize after he fails himself as the chief of the Philippine Constabulary who were the ones mainly responsible for the martial law crimes. Why not let Enrile and Ramos have a debate and we’ll see who’s right or wrong? Hurry up, they are too old now!

Swallow their Own Accusations

Will these protesters swallow all the accusations when they finally know the truth? Human ego dictates that it will be impossible – but for once, they can be quiet and be a good citizen. It won’t help creating chaos or stripping in front of the public just to exhibit their small manhood which is the same as their small brains. No offense  but these people need to be told that they are very wrong and they should straighten their behavior now before it’s too late.

Bongbong Marcos Will be President Sooner than we Think

Despite the negative moves of the protesters, they ae nothing compared to the 34 million supporters of Bongbong Marcos to be president. It’s just a matter of time. If not now, perhaps next term. How? Ask President Rodrigo Duterte and his alliance with Binay, Bongbong and the late Miriam Defensor Santiago.

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