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Bongbong Marcos Supports the Governor in Congress as She Justifies P Imee Project


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos attends the recent Ilocos Norte excise tax hearing as Rep. Rudy Farinas grills Governor Marcos on her P Imee project. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos and Senator Juan Ponce Enrile are also present. The governor cites Farinas’ own projects that bear his name in the past. He insists that no money there unlike the P Imee. It is allegedly not in the Annual Investment Plan. However, the engineer in charge points this out for Farinas to see in the Congress.

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[VIDEO]: Ilocos Norte Excise Funds Hearing Live forecast shows Bongbong Marcos’ presence with former First Lady Imelda Marcos and Gov. Imee Marcos.

Annual Investment Plan

Pedro Agcaoili, chair of the bids and awards committee points out the inclusion of P Imee in the Annual Investment Plan to Farinas. It was under its full name in Filipino. “Programang Ikauunlad ng Mamamayan Ekonomiya at Ekolohiya” is often called as P Imee in Ilocos Norte. They refer to the local projects of the governor for the welfare of her constituents.

Cash Advance is not Prohibited

Governor Marcos explains that the cash advance is not illegal. The COA approved it and no suspension was ever issued because they are fully liquidated. Farinas tries to disprove this by citing different ordinances but the fact that the funds were not lost and the vehicles are fully accounted for, just irks his ego and went to another topic.

1978 Ordinance by Ferdinand Marcos

Farinas cites rule no. 39 says that there’s no cash advance allowed that is not in line with the rules and regulations. COA’s new circular said that all disbursements must be made on checks unless granted. Only confidential expenses and in a circumstance that it is impractical to pay check shall procurements can be paid in cash.

Tricky Farinas

Farinas accused Encarnacion Gaor wrongly that she has a house with a swimming pool because of Governor Marcos’ negligence of approving a huge amount of cash advance. Gaor said that she’s not the one with such lifestyle. Farinas corrects himself that it’s a lawyer’s way of triggering a resource person to give testimony against the real culprit.  She, however, justifies that the cash advance was given in staggered payments and not in bulk.

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