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Bongbong Marcos: Supreme Court Commits Grave Error

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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos asks the Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal to reconsider its decision to provide VP Leni Robredo with the decrypted copies of the documents for his pilot provinces. Marcos said that he paid all the expenses. Robredo must also shoulder some expenses for the process if she wants them. He calls it a grave error on the part of the SC. Her lawyer, Romulo Macalintal commented that if Marcos wants to resolve the electoral protest faster, he should not have filed a motion on this.

Youtube Video by Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: PET committed a grave error in allowing Robredo to secure copies of ballot images said, Bongbong Marcos.

Hefty Pay

Marcos who for the cost of decryption and printing of ballot images from the pilot provinces that amounts to P2,974,075. “With all due respect, Robredo did not contribute any share in the expenses and supplies for this undertaking. It is unfair, unjust and inequitable that PET allows her to obtain soft copies of the decrypted images of the ballots, election returns, audit logs and other relevant documents for the pilot protest,” the motion stated.

Justification to the Move of the Supreme Court

Macalintal in response to Marcos said to him that he should avoid filing motions that only lengthen the proceedings. “By doing this, they have no one to blame but themselves for any delay,” he said in a statement. It looks like he found an opportunity to blame to Marcos the many delays his camp caused.

Pay First

Macalintal assures Marcos’ camp that Robredo gives them copies of reports if she needs to ask for decryption. The question is, can they afford it? As per record, their 7 Million Pesos balance for her counter-protest is not yet paid. Marcos only has to show lost votes that can cover her 263,473 lead. That can come very handy during the February 2018 recount.

A Grave Error by the Supreme Court

Despite the somewhat clear injustice done by the Supreme Court at this point, Marcos is still careful with his words. He never accuses the PET of any manipulation even if most people assume it. It is evident that his confidence in the justice system is still high. Sometimes, they seem to let Robredo win in some aspects of the protest to perhaps justify their main and final decision.

Bongbong Marcos Noted the Supreme Court Lapse but Still Believes in Filipino Unity

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