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Bongbong Marcos Surely Joins Du30’s Cabinet with Election Protest On the Side


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos is officially not in government service now. However, he is open to any Cabinet position that the President may offer. At the moment, there’s no invitation yet from the Chief Executive. The President in earlier interviews wants Marcos to concentrate on his election protest against Leni Robredo.

Youtube video from; The Administration
[VIDEO]: Will Bongbong Marcos Take a Cabinet Post?

Yes to Du30

Marcos addresses the 38th Commencement Exercises of the Lingayen and Infanta campuses of the Pangasinan State University at CSI Stadia in Dagupan City. The press chanced upon him and Marcos said “yes” to a question from a reporter if he would agree to join the Du30 administration.

No to Robredo

However, he promises to pursue the election protest he filed against Leni Robredo. He challenges the camp of Robredo not to oppose anymore the recount of votes. This is to expedite the proceedings. That the people will finally know who the real winner is in the last election for vice president.

Election Protest Continues

“In my opinion, there is no need to drop the protest I filed with the Presidential Electoral Tribunal if I join the government. It is only if I run for an election that I may do that,” said Marcos from a table which he shared with his son Zandro. The son is vacationing from his studies at the London School of Business and Economics. Marcos is confident that after the hearing on July 11, the process continues. Then proceeds to the retrieval of ballot boxes from the protested precincts. This can be followed by the recounting of the votes.

Capable of Helping

Marcos as always is happy to do anything that could help the government. “Because I am still strong, I think I can contribute something to this administration,” he said. As of now, he focuses on his election protest. He just wonders why the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) has not yet heard the case since both camps already submitted their preliminary briefs last June 16. He certainly looks forward to the preliminary conference on July 11.

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