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Bongbong Marcos Tells SC: After 9 Months of the Electoral Protest, People Want the Truth

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos through lawyer George Edwin Garcia asks the electoral tribunal to proceed with his case by setting the preliminary conference in motion and ordering the retrieval of ballot boxes so the electoral protest can finally move forward. Garcia said it has been nine months since the filing of the protest and the tribunal is yet to schedule the preliminary conference date and agenda.

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[VIDEO]: The Supreme Court, acting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, has deemed that the complaint of Bongbong Marcos over cheating in last year’s VP race has presented enough merit to be reviewed. The resolution reads, “The protest is only sufficient for the tribunal to proceed and give the protestant the opportunity to prove his case in accordance with the 2010 PET rules.”

Destabilization Efforts

In those nine months, destabilization efforts against the administration have been continuously waged. Several plots on destabilizing the government have emerged which are not to public interest. There is clearly a well-funded concerted effort to undermine the administration. Robredo’s recent video message on the unfounded extrajudicial killings caused angered patriotic countrymen, Garcia wrote in a statement

No Tolerance for Robredo

The electoral tribunal “should not tolerate the duplicity of Robredo who insists that she won the vice presidential race but opposes every move to prevent the truth from coming out. Garcia said. “Robredo cannot have it both ways. She cannot keep claiming that she won the elections fair and square and yet, behind everyone’s back, she keeps finding ways to stop the truth from coming out,” he added.


Right Time for Presentation of Evidence

The evidence of Marcos is the same evidence that Robredo has by now since the filing of the electoral protest. Asking for such evidence that she already knew beforehand is a big foul. People cannot help but wonder why she does not want the proceeding to move forward. Does she want to know the truth or not?

Buying Time

The illegitimate VP is obviously buying time and it is up to the Supreme Court to tolerate her delaying the process. One thing is for sure, the people want the truth right now. As various groups start to organize protests for SC to move quickly, the country can never be at peace thinking that a fake VP is traveling around sabotaging the economy of the Philippines. She must be stopped or at least, declare her as real VP or not.

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