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Bongbong Marcos Urges Supporters: Demand that your Votes will be Counted

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In this Press Conference, Bongbong Marcos shows his disgust with the alleged cheatings done by the Liberal Party in the last elections. He is certain that he was the real winner if the votes are not manipulated. Then urges supporters to demand that their votes be respected as valid counts in his favor as Vice President.

Youtube video by: FILIPINO WORLDWIDE tv

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos urges people who voted for him to demand the existence of their votes – and explains further how the Liberal Party managed to do fraudulent acts which are the basis of his decision to file the electoral protest that already awaits PET decision.

Iglesia ni Kristo bulk Votes

As the supported Vice Presidential candidate of the Iglesia mi Kristo, Marcos is asking where are their votes? Why are there many claims that there were zero votes in places where their church is prominent? This is the most concrete evicence that the Marcos camp is holding. The affidavits of many Iglesia ni Kristo members who are worried to be separated from their church if their votes are not counted or declared void.

20 to 30% Discrepancy

In most precincts a 20 to 30% shortage of the Vice Presidential votes have been recorded. What happened to those votes? If all these are added, there would be millions of votes missing compared for the 200,000 votes difference between the winning Robredo and Marcos.

People knew that Marcos was cheated

Most Filipinos know that hocus pocus was  done in the results of the Vice Presidential race. No doubt about it. After gathering evidences to support the electoral process, Marcos is confident that he will soon be declared the winner.

Waiting for the decision

Marcos by all means will not let this go just like that. He will fight to restore the mandate that the voice of the people must be heard. The principle of the Republic dictates that the will of the people drives the government forward and he is urging every supporter to practice their rights.


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