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Bongbong Marcos: V.P. Robredo Has Been Warned Not To Take The Position To Avoid Being Humiliated

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Vice President Leni Robredo has more reasons now to be fearful that she will soon be ousted by the Supreme Court after it gives a favorable decision in favor of the Marcos Burial at the Heroes’ Cemetery. This was something that President Duterte and Bongbong Marcos were vocal about. She should not have taken the V.P. seat before it is cleared from anomalies. However, she allowed herself into the mess, making her the political prostitute of the Liberal Party. This is unfortunate because she is not a bad person – just a victim of circumstances that results from making bad decisions.

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[VIDEO]: The V.P. seat is kept warm for me, says Bongbong Marcos after President Duterte confirms support.

Drawing Comfort from Ateneans

The Vice President is thankful to some Ateneans who express their disapproval on the Libingan ruling for the Marcoses to go ahead with the preparations for the burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. She too condemns this development but no matter what she does, it seems to be a sealed deal with the approval from the executive office.

Getting Support for Fil-Ams

It was in the news that the V.P. was warmly welcomed when she visited the Filipino community in the U.S.A. but Americans themselves are in turmoil now that Donald Trump is the new presidents. Filipino migrants there are somewhat affected with Trump’s previous statement showing that he’s anti-Filipino migration. She won’t be a priority for this matter at this point in time.

Is it Better for her to Step Down?

Not that this is a consideration knowing her strong affiliation with the Liberal Party. They would always fights until the end using all the resources they can get. She’s not stepping down for sure but if she does, that would be a noble thing to do and she will be remembered for that.

Wait until SC Decides?

It will be very humiliating for Leni Robredo when this happens against her favor. Bongbong Marcos can only say, she’s been warned but she didn’t listen.

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