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Boom-and-bust Life cycle with Bill made Hillary Clinton a better president to be

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
No one would ever imagine that high profile couple Bill and Hillary Clinton also had to struggle for their livelihood when Bill was ousted as governor in the 1980s. He needed a job, the family was in dire need for a place to stay, and moving out of the governor’s mansion was also losing the help they had while raising their 9-month-old daughter at that time, Chelsea.

hillary was the one worrying about saving for Chelsea’s education, caring for her aging parents, and even supporting herself just in case the marriage or their political aspirations will not materialize. Mr. Clinton at that time was of little use as he was depressed over the voters’ rejection – making Mrs. Clinton too fragile thus triggered their decision to move back to Arkansas.

Hillary Clinton’s like any other strong woman in society, motivated herself to make money to be able to provide for the family while the husband was prioritizing his return to the political arena.

She has decided already before to serve on the corporate board of Walmart despite accusations of conflict of interests while her husband was governor. So, she was just being practical to initially accept $1.35 million mortgage personally to secure the family’s home in Chappaqua, N.Y. She has also collected $21 million in speaking fees from a range of groups, including Wall Street firms and many other interests that made their family back then very comfortable. However, the Wall Street speeches did not stop.

Perhaps, half of the voters are even bothered that Mrs. Clinton gave numerous speeches to Wall Street banks, but she just did what a woman could to with her talents to be able to better their future financially speaking in the past. Her continued Wall Street speeches might become an issue in her presidential bid but for her, to do good for others that she normally says as a principle, guided her toward a life of public service.

Mrs. Clinton’s practicality and the boom-and-bust cycles that have characterized her life with Bill Clinton really made her a better person nowadays and perhaps better president in the future. Their difficult two-year period in Arkansas when she was a working mother, without any help, to have to take care of a small baby and care for the husband’s job, had exposed her to the reality of the lives of the masses.

While some people may be worried that her desire to provide generously for her family, like other public servants who acquire vast personal wealth – Hillary thinks that her lucrative speech-making stint is just very simple because it is typical for secretaries of state to share their views in speeches after leaving office – and this time, not anymore about making money for the family. Perhaps, more mileage to the elite voters?


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