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Boy Saycon: Duterte’s Credible Source of Liberal’s Cheating during Election

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
How else would President-elect Rodrigo Duterte know about the Liberal Party’s massive cheating during election last May 9, 2016 but from Pastor Boy Saycon himself and with matching evidences. Shortly after investigating reports of various voting manipulation, Saycon immediately called Mr. President telling him of his finding.

Boy Saycon played a great part in making Pnoy a president and Binay a Vice President through Noy-Bi. He was so bothered that one of his “products” went astray and no longer served the straight path or daang matuwid he promised to the people – the reason why he campaigned for Binay-Bongbong tandem with Duterte as ally. They believed that those people who are fed up with Pnoy’s mismanagement of the country’s affairs but affected by the corruption media propaganda against Binay – would surely vote for Duterte.

Duterte deliberately confirmed his knowledge of the cheating incidents to Bongbong Marcos during his recent visit in Davao. He was quoted as saying to Marcos; I know there was cheating…


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