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Boy Saycon: Who is going to be the next president? – Noy-Bi to Bi-Bong trail leads to Bongbong

who is going to be the next president

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s never too early to ask Political King Maker Pastor Boy Saycon: Who is going to be the next president? In fact, his Noy-Bi to Bi-Bong trail leads to Bongbong Marcos.

[VIDEO]:  Watch the making of the future President of the Philippines…

Binay-Marcos-Duterte alliance

Circumstantial events are being noted here as Binay-Marcos-Duterte alliance through Pastor Boy Saycon come to light. Binay and Duterte may be from different political parties but they share the same sentiments when it comes to Bongbong Marcos. What about the human rights violations under martial law? Come to think of it. Duterte and Binay are notorious  human rights lawyers. Binay even was a lawyer to martial law victims. It should tell us something.

Noy-Bi turned Bi-Bong

Binay’s dismay in the Aquino administration when it comes to public service led him to explore another avenue. It was his intention to make Bongbong Marcos his Vice President when he ran for President during the 2016 election – but it did not materialize. Regardless, the alliance continues.  If the older Marcos is guilty of human rights violations, Binay just did not think that the son should suffer the sins of the father. However, he knows deeper than that including America’s betrayal at that time and Ninoy Aquino’s Media Propaganda designed to discredit the late strongman.

Bi-Bong and Duterte-Marcos Merge

Belonging to  a family that is a Marcos loyalist, you can only expect President Rodrigo Duterte to be one with them. Most of his actions are taken from the Marcos era.  He also believes that the late President Ferdinand Marcos was the best president the Philippines ever had. He’s counting for Marcos to continued the legacy of his father that detractors tried to tarnish. This is supported by Binay. Having known the truth about martial law.

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