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British Exit from EU would greatly affect Philippine Economy

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Britons are now voting on Brexit or British exit whether to withdraw or not from the European Union or EU. Incidents of harassments by foreigners inside the UK are also spreading via social media that can be perceived as media propaganda favoring its exit from the EU. Filipino migrants in the U.K. however have very legitimate reason to be worried about their family’s finances back home – with many of them sending regular remittances to their loved ones.

Prof. Manuel Enverga III of Ateneo de Manila University’s European Studies Program commented as per CNN’s report: Filipino migrants may be imperiled if the UK is plunged into a recession by a decision to withdraw from the EU. The UK is home to more than 200,000 Filipinos. “The Philippines sends migrants to the UK. In addition, we receive remittances from the UK,” Enverga said in an interview with CNN Philippines. “If the workers are sent away or it becomes more difficult for us to send people there, it will affect our economy greatly.” Enverga said the cultural and political influence of Britain in the Philippines and other countries outside the EU may also be affected.

Britain’s staying out of the EU may not have immediate effect to the world in general but sooner or later, it can be the cause of division between first world countries or the so-called super powers. For instance in the future perhaps America would be forced to ally with either the United Kingdom or the European Union. Thinking that the U.S. now has a joint venture with British Petroleum for the possible West Philippine Sea oil and gas exploration and a common stand for the preservation of the South China Sea navigational freedom, Brexit could really impede the already ongoing process.


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