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A call to the President: Gardening can Rehabilitate Drug Prisoners

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The current rise on the number of fatalities related to the illegal drug trade now worries the Duterte administration – but how about the arrests of other suspected drug pushers and counselling for the surviving family members? Despite having these grievous violations against the Filipino people, they are still the responsibility of the government and their welfare must not be overlooked since they needed serious help as immediate as possible.

The commission on human rights should already be spearheading the move to suggest the possibilities of creating a prison facilities or communities that would require them to do gardening as a public service – and at the same time, get the therapeutic effects of this activity, to the agencies involved if not, the executive office of President Duterte. Gardening is proven to nurture the mind, body and spirit thus avoiding state of depression which is common among drug addicts and their relations. It’s about time that after the capture, they can be rehabilitated to become normal citizens later on.

Killing drug criminals might give ultimatums to the rest for their immediate surrender but something must be done not to put these people into waste. Another promising chance to live a comfortable life free from fear and anxiety will lead these prisoners to change for the better. After all, it’s beneficial to the whole country to have renewed convicts rather than over populate public cemeteries and penitentiaries.


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