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Calling Du30 and Marcos Dictators Made Leni Robredo Ignorant of Democracy


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni” Robredo claims that she’s a long-time defender of human rights. She was fighting for the interests of oppressed farmers, abused women, and the fringes of society. Her camp cannot fathom that after her victory, she becomes the most hated public official by netizens. They suspect that it’s the result of her constant attacks on popular leaders. She is a notable anti-Du30 and Bongbong Marcos who put the people first through real democracy processes. Calling them dictators made her ignorant of the Philippine Constitution.

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[VIDEO]: Habang hindi pa nakakapasok sa eskuwela ang mga batang bakwit, balak magpagawa ni VP Robredo ng temporary learning center.

Contested Victory

Her election victory is being contested by Bongbong Marcos in an electoral protest. They blamed the online rumors against her to pro-Duterte and pro-Marcos supporters. In fact, an impeachment complaint was filed against her with Congress. In actuality, bashers reiterate only via social media after her false pronouncements about the President, her rival and even the country in general. This is why the ground to impeach her is the betrayal of public trust.

Much Hated by Netizens

Despite the very limited funds of the OVP, Robredo seeks to match resources from the private sector with needy communities. HerEight months since its launch, the program has given boats to fishermen in Maribojoc, Bohol; built classrooms for schoolchildren in Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental; and sent cash grant to the women weavers in Marawi City. Her camp is confused why she had become much-hated by netizens. Her approval rating also declines.

Overseas Speeches

Robredo would often talk about her achievements in alleviating the lives of the poor through her visits to remote, poverty-stricken areas in her local and international speeches. Little does she know that this was her predecessor, former Vice President Jejomar Binay’s way of life ever since he was a human rights lawyer. He just adopted them in his sister-LGUs in Makati program to allocate regular provisions without making so much noise all throughout his term. When Binay regularly visits these LGUs quietly, she flamboyantly attends gala events with the elite then make do with some trash for her daughter’s schools supplies. Who would believe her? This is a media crisis in her PR campaign.

Democracy Ignorance

She was also critical of the LP, Jun Abaya and Francis Tolentino in particular. She allegedly has no association with her party for a while. They might think that her influence with the LP and attacks on social media are the driver to her declining ratings. In the latest Social Weather Stations survey in April, Robredo’s net satisfaction rating was at +26, from the +37 she got last December. Her trust rating in the SWS survey in May also went down to +30, from December’s +46. Perhaps she is still oblivious that in a democratic country, the majority wins. Unless she learns how to respect and measure public opinions, she remains ignorant to democracy.

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