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Can you Afford Abandoning your Rottweiler Puppies?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Howl of A Dog

[VIDEO]: It’s understandable not being able to take care of multitude puppies – but at least have the heart to give them out after 7 weeks!

Sometimes the going gets tough for families owning dogs. A pregnant Rottweiler just cannot hold it any longer and have to give birth to six puppies. That’s quite a number to be added to the already large existing pack. Considering the financial crises, what would you do?

Try to Keep them for the first Six Weeks



A mother Rottweiler is responsible enough to nurture herneborn puppies no matter how many they are. You would not have to do anything but take care of the mother dog as you normally do.

Less Chance of Survival before Six Weeks



Rottweiler puppies could hardly survive without their mother. If they are lucky humans can take charge and feed them like infants. In any case, complications can still happen – and there’s not many responsible people around as well who would willingly spend a lot of time with the abandoned puppies. So, better bear with them for the first six weeks.

Find Foster Homes or Animal Shelters


Your excess can be the joy of others. You will be surprised how many people would want them especially when they are already seven weeks old. This is when their playful and admirable personality would be very obvious. Dog lover can never resist them. However, if you don’t know of any, seek the help of an animal shelter near you. This should be possible than just leaving them in the streets.

Responsible Ownership includes Siblings


If you have a female do and not neutered, it can get pregnant – no matter how strict you are in not allowing it to mate. Nature will always find a way. Don’t go against it. If you failed in neutering it, then be ready to take care of the additional puppies sooner or later.

Public Reaction


Dog owners who will just leave Rottweiler puppies in the streets would curse you. Despite not knowing what you are going through or what prompted you to do such thing. Anticipate that your dogs can multiply when taking one  and be responsible  –  taking care of your dog based on your financial capability.

Heroes Exist but might not get there on Time

Animal rescuers can be anywhere but Rottweiler puppies’ lives are so fragile at less than seven weeks. The least you could do is try to find it a new home. Remember that they are part of your family too. May all abandoned puppies will have a happy ending like with Joy in the video. However, they will be safer if you are responsible enough.

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