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How can Donald Trump Govern when he can’t stop Freedom Kids from Squealing fraud?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Early this year, “USA Freedom Kids” which is a trio of young girls entertained Donald Trump’s campaign crowd in Pensacola, Florida. The girls were whirling in flashy American-flag costumes and singing a denouncing song criticizing presidential opponents. It was commonly mocked on social media, where viewers observed similarities on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un video.

The creator behind the trio Jeff Popick, who is also the father of the youngest member, disclosed plans to file a law suit against Trump, alleging numerous violations in their contract that involved agreements verbally discussed and inaccurate payments.

Eversince in Pensacola, Popick spoke with various people like former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. They settled for two appearances in Florida, but the first event did not materialize. The $2,500 payment for the second performance in Pensacola was also compromised – counter-offering a table where the group could pre-sell albums but the table was not provided art all.

His phone calls were ignored but during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.Trump’s team allegedly offered Popick a consolation prize for the girls to perform in compensation with previous disappointments. That also did not pushed through. Now, he wants to sue but not a money-making process or another option is to let them perform like the previous RNC event.

It is disturbing however that Popick is not alone in his sentiments. In fact, Trump’s team is noted for having fraudulent deals with some other service providers. So, how can he govern America when he cannot even appoint a responsible campaign manager or event manager for that matter?


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