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Can there be a Du30-Bongbong Marcos Understanding on the VP Election Protest?


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Elena Grace Flores

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque’s response to a reporter’s question on Bongbong Marcos’ absolute refusal to run as Senator under the President’s banner is very simple. “Marcos already spoke, so be it,” he said. This is consistent with Du30’s earlier advice to the former lawmaker to concentrate on his election protest against VP Leni Robredo. Many can’t help but wonder if there’s an understanding between the two politicians on this regard.

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Compromise Agreement

Roque in another interview said that a compromise deal with the Marcoses on the alleged hidden wealth might face legal challenges in Congress. Du30 previously suggests that it needs to craft a law to detail the arrangements of a compromise deal. Particularly with the heirs of late President Ferdinand Marcos. This includes the possibility to waive the family’s criminal liabilities.

No Deal Yet

Malacañang clarifies that the government and the Marcos family do not have an agreement yet on the wealth issue. It is, however, true that lawyer and Marcos loyalist Oliver Lozano submitted a draft compromise agreement to the office of chief presidential legal counsel Secretary Salvador Panelo. Bongbong Marcos has no knowledge about Lozano’s draft but intends to discuss this with the lawyer.

Criminal Liability Can’t Be Passed On

The laws in the Philipines imply that no liability can be transmitted to the accused’s heirs. It is true that obligations of persons are passed on to the heirs. But this is only insofar as the right to succession of inheritance is concerned. This does not in any way overturn the specific provisions of the country’s criminal laws.

Election Protest and Wealth

Marcos is therefore right to say that he is not accused of anything. Therefore, he is not liable for any criminal charges. He is more attuned now to find out the real score for the VP election in 2016. There may be hiccups along the way but he is confident that he has won the race. That can also easily gain the support of the President who vehemently adheres to the law and takes care of the people’s welfare among others.

Bongbong Marcos is Determined to Finish the Protest against Robredo, Win or Lose