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Can’t be a Great Coach if you think you Are

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Being a good coach does not rely on the techniques one learned from coaching training. it has something to do with attitude that enables to build good relationship with players. It’s never about the technical expertise of the coach for a team to win. The bottom line is always; how a coach would drive his talented players into winning the game. This narrative as experienced would help readers into knowing how a great coach one can be because those who think that they are, aren’t! Remember attitude?

“I think I am a pretty good coach,” the executive across the desk said to us. Impressed with his positive attitude about himself, we asked, “How do you know?” He said he had attended a coaching course and learned many of the techniques of good coaching. That triggered a question for us. How many leaders believe they are better coaches than they really are? After all, the most critical test for measuring your effectiveness as a coach lies not in your belief about your own skills but rather on how the recipients of your coaching rate your skills (and on how their own competencies increase afterward). Full story here:

According to Zenger Folkman: We examined data on 3,761 leaders who assessed their own coaching skills and had the courage, afterward, to have others give them assessments as well. We analyzed those who overrated their coaching skills and compared the results with those who’d underrated. What we found: 24% of the leaders in our sample had overrated their skills. Just as many adults believe they are far above average in their driving skills or in possessing common sense, this group believed they were above-average coaches.


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