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How does Fraud against Bongbong Marcos Violates the People’s Rights to Democracy?


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Elena Grace Flores

In the US, an election protest like Bongbong Marcos’ case may not be needed. Vice President Leni Robredo’s margin over Marcos is less than one percent of the total votes cast. That is an extremely thin margin that is enough for the US Tribunal to order an automatic recount. Unfortunately, Philippine’s election system does not evolve closely yet with the changing times. However, since fraud denies the people’s rights to a free election, the recount in February 2018 can bring back democracy to the country.

Youtube Video by Rappler

[VIDEO]: ‘Why run for senator when I already won as VP?’ – Bongbong Marcos

People’s Votes are Robbed

The focus of the people’s efforts right now should not be on Bongbong Marcos solely. The fraud that denies him the seat he won must be the highlight. It should be the people whose votes are not counted must influence the case to go forward. Those entities who aim to diminish the value of a recount must stay away. This eliminates doubts over the election results. Marcos is already the winner if evidence can speak. There must be some kind of initiative to prevent fraudulent acts from any elections in the future.

The Rule of Democracy

The recount people claim to be advocates of human rights. Therefore, they should know this; Item 3 of Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights specifically states that “the will of the people shall be the basis of the autonomy of government. Such will be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be held by secret ballot or by an equivalent free voting procedure. Hence, a free election is a basic human right. Electoral fraud is a violation of that right.”

People’s Rights

The simple way to explain is to say that in a democracy we should respect the rights of the people. The right of the majority must determine outcomes of elections. Given the incidents of failed elections, ballot re-shading, and the impossible zero votes record for Marcos, the proclamation of VP Robredo disrespects the people’s rights that their votes must be properly counted.

Bongbong Marcos has Won

Bongbong Marcos is not anymore a VP race candidate. He is not running for office either. Marcos simply reclaims the seat that is taken from him. Any media campaign should not imply that he needs the approval of the people. The former Senator is the winner of that vote already. The scrutiny must be the fraud. That certainly undermines the people’s right to have a Vice President-elect. The one who is voted by the majority of the Filipinos.

The way forward for Bongbong Marcos’ protest

Rappler Blasted by Blogger for Out of Tune Bongbong Marcos News etc.

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Congress Avoids Repeat of Unfair Corona Trial in Line with Bongbong Marcos’ Acquittal Vote


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Elena Grace Flores

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said that they could go straight to the impeachment court on SC CJ Maria Lourdes Sereno’s case. But he doesn’t  want to do it to avoid repeating the unfair trial of the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. Alvarez wants to hear the case at the Congress first to see if there is evidence or not. This makes sense at the rate it is going. Previously, only the late Senators Joker Arroyo and Miriam Defensor-Santiago, and now VP Protestant Bongbong Marcos acquit Corona. They all agreed that his failure to disclose assets in his SALNs was not an impeachable offense. Marcos explained how he carefully balanced the pros and cons when he decided for Corona’s acquittal. He’s the last man standing among the 3 wise former Senators.

Youtube Video by; tv5theeveningnews

[VIDEO]: This Wasak episode of Bongbong Marcos explains how Bongbong Marcos got his nickname. Then, the relevance of his acquittal vote during the impeachment of the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona followed.

Presidential Influence

The impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno comes 5 years after her predecessor, the late Renato Corona, was removed from office. Both Sereno and Corona have been publicly called out by presidents.Then-president Benigno Aquino III consistently lashed out against Corona, calling his removal as key to achieving transparency and reforms in the judiciary. 

Lack of Evidence Heard in the Congress

Lawyer Larry Gadon was grilled by not having evidence for Sereno’s manipulative acts at the SC and extravagance on spending. Those were no big deals. The “strongest” argument for impeachment facing Sereno is the allegation of untruthful declaration in her Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN). She has, however, consistently denied these accusations. However, Corona got convicted despite the unclear proofs.

Du30’s Challenge

President Rodrigo Du30 asks Sereno many times to resign. The impeachment complaint filed against her is allegedly supported by him. He previously said he will not meddle with the process. Du30 challenged both Sereno and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales to resign together with him due to the corruption allegations they all face.

Meaning of Marcos’ Nickname Realized

Bongbong Marcos always sticks with his father when he was little. He was like the bamboo water container called “bongbong.” The older Marcos often carries it when he was a soldier during World War II. Nowadays, the younger Marcos connects with the President regularly.  They are together during relevant functions. He is like the Filipino leader’s sustenance when he runs out of patience while leading the country amidst local and international destructions.  Many believe of the Du30-Marcos tandem to lead the country to progress.

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Enrile: Who Must Say Sorry for Martial Law Abuses – Imee Marcos or Fidel Ramos?

martial law

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Politicians play the blame game when it comes to who should take full responsibility for martial law abuses. It is true that the head of the nation must be accountable for what his men did – but it is unfair that he takes the blame alone or his family to be castigated without an admission from the one directly involved. If this protocol is missing then the late Ferdinand E. Marcos cannot be accused of such.

Youtube video from; Arman Gavino
[VIDEO]: Who’s to be blame on the brutality of Martial Law in the Philippines?

Enrile vs. Ramos

Senator Juan Ponce Enrile was the Secretary of National Defense while Fidel Ramos was head of the Philippine Constabulary. Both leaders were involved in the mutiny against Ferdinand Marcos for different reasons. Enrile remains loyal to Marcos and divulges that the late President had knowledge of the military action they chose to take to protect the then first family. He said that they had his blessings and decided to step down to avoid bloodshed. Ramos, on the other hand, only joined their picket on the day of the EDSA revolution to help install Cory Aquino to the presidency despite losing from Marcos.


When the remains of Marcos were buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in a “private and intimate” ceremony, various protests were observed from the opposition. They used alleged victims of atrocities during Martial Law to stage their pleas, and Ramos also urged the Marcoses to admit wrongdoing and apologize to the victims. This has raised eyebrows among people who are knowledgeable about martial law especially Enrile. Why would the direct culprit now shout for justice for such abuses without admitting the guilt first? Instead, he’s putting the blame unto the late Marcos’ children.

Imee Marcos vs. Ramos

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos said they cannot admit anything because they were still children when the atrocities were committed.”In my heart, if in any way you have hurt someone, you should say sorry even if it’s not intentional, even if it was not policy. It’s acceptable for me but the admission of guilt just won’t make sense. She continued saying that it should be Ramos who should apologize and admit his faults since he has direct command with the Philippine Constabulary.

Why Imee and not Bongbong Marcos?

It would be too obvious if critics urge Bongbong Marcos directly to apologize for martial law abuses than his older sister, Imee. People know that their detractors are only into destroying the younger Marcos’ potential for the presidency in the near future. Besides, Senator Enrile who was the administrator of martial law puts Ramos as the one directly responsible for such abuses. Even victims themselves testify that the order against them are signed by Ramos and not Marcos.

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Imee Marcos Prefers to Dwell in the Province and Take Care of Ilocos Norte’s Fresh Produce


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Ilocos Norte Governor, Imee Marcos had the chance of introducing the array of fresh produce and food products of her province during the Producer to Consumer Trade Show at the Quezon City at the beginning of this year. This is the reason why her usual frequent travels to visit her mother and son in Manila is minimized.

Youtube video from; FILIPINEWS

Proud Ilocana

Governor Marcos gamely endorses Ilocano products like bagnet, longganisa, miki noodles, and empanada. She also loves spending time in the mountains where the plantations for crops are abundant. The tomatoes from there get a special mention from her.

Her Choice

The lady governor does not have much tolerance with Manila traffic. She even prefers to inspect ongoing agricultural projects and infrastructure such as the irrigation system rather than spends much time in Capitol. She said that only people with problems go to her office to ask for help. So, she ends up absorbing them all.

Outstanding Governor

Marcos received the Outstanding Governorship in the Philippines Award 2016 for the second time after being re-elected. Since the launch of the provincial vision of “Pasingkedan ti kinatan-ok ni Ilocano” (Together, we can make Ilocos Norte Great again!) in 2010, she has pursued the four provincial missions to attain rapid and sustained growth; inclusive growth; an enabling environment; and to uphold the Ilocano heritage and positive values.

Fariñas Quest

Marcos’ revelations can easily be interpreted that she is probably not running as Senator in 2019. It is more likely that she seeks for re-election in her territory for her third and last term. It is now understandable why Majority Floor Leader of the House of Representatives Rodolfo Fariñas’ eye are on her. Their families are political rivals in Ilocos Norte.

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Biased Media Used Filipino Culture to Discredit Bongbong Marcos’ Family


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CBS has an excuse to show the Marcos family having fun while singing and dancing because they may have failed to know the Filipino culture. That is why it’s more fun in the Philippines because of the Filipinos’ love of music and dances, they may be rich or poor. However, with PhilStar, one can judge their motive.

Youtube video from; ThePolicySmith
[VIDEO]: CBS news report on the discovery and seizure of home movies of the Marcoses, shortly after the EDSA Revolution in 1986.

CBS’s Propaganda

Notice in the video that the voice over contradicts all events in the footages shown. One scene is clearly maligned where the military officers receive some kind of merit from then, President Ferdinand Marcos in an official protocol. It insinuates that General Fabian Ver got his reward from Marcos. He was acquitted for allegedly killing Cory Aquino’s husband, Ninoy Aquino.

Singing and Dancing

The whole world knows by now that most Filipinos love to sing, dance and eat. The scenes of the Marcos family’s parties do not show extravagance at all. They are normal traditions especially among politicians in the barrios. This is their way of reaching out to their constituents. Even people from the Smokey Mountain also have their “karaoke” and “baile” time. That’s just the culture.

Unfair Portrayal

Primitivo Mijares, who was the Marcos family’s chief propagandist, wrote in his book “The Conjugal Dictatorship;” Imelda Marcos had is powerful under the Marcos regime. Her lifestyle is exaggerated. There’s no mention about her achievements in the health, infrastructure and social services sectors. Imee Marcos is portrayed as a spoiled brat, while Imee Marcos, a darling bride which is a common dream of most Filipinas. Bongbong Marcos is even attacked for being a musician at heart.

Where is Justice?

The Filipino people have enough already. Now that the world is attacked by global terrorism, many think that the whole country must be under martial law. The late Marcos managed to save the nation from communist insurgents during his time. President Du30 won’t hesitate to do that if he has a valid reason. All mechanisms responsible for illegal violence must be terminated, said Enrile and that makes a lot of sense.