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How AMLC is Used for Political Harassment against Binay, Marcos, Arroyo


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Former Vice President Jojo Binay is the subject of massive criticisms during the previous national election – because he is the first one to announce is presidential bid. In fact, many brainwashed Filipinos today still believe that he is corrupt. But Binay is redeemed from his tough ordeal when Duterte becomes President.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Sa kabila ng mga naglalakihang paratang laban sa kanya at sa pamilya niya, nanindigan ito na malinis ang kanyang pangalan.

Duterte Whack AMLC for Engaging in Politics

President Duterte is furious over AMLC’s moving like a turtle when the Department of Justice asks for the financial records of Duterte critic, Senator Leila de Lima. They are very fast when it comes to harassing Binay despite violating the privacy of Binay’s law firm,  SPCMB. Duterte is currently calling for the resignation of all corrupt AMLC officials.

AMLC’s Information against Binay are Indismissible

Since SPCMB right to due process and privacy was violated, the Court said that any information gathered in AMLC’s inquiry are rendered inadmissible. This is the reason why no such evidence can stand in court on corruption allegations against Binay. They are purely for political harassment to discredit him and his family who are the masses’ favorite political family.

Marcos’ Wealth

AMLC also takes part in the alleged return of the speculated ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses. They are instrumental is sequestering the jewelry collection, Swiss Bank deposits and gold reserves in connivance with the BSP or Central Bank of the Philippines – in favor of the Aquino administration.

Former PGMA’s Plight

Now that the Liberal Party’s political reign is over, former President and Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is immediately released from hospital arrest. Despite not having a verdict to her case, she is imprisoned for more than four long years. She presses that AMLC generates false documentations against her. It is not surprising that Binay, Marcos and Arroyo are now speaking against AMLC because they are all victims of the agency during Aquino’s time.

AMLC loses bid for protection order for Binay bank account

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Cory Aquino’s Dictatorship: “Freedom Constitution” Replaced Marcos’1973 Charter


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In 1986 former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino abolishes the 1973 Constitution (Marcos’ charter ) and replaces it with the so-called “Freedom Constitution.”  Aquino’s “new” constitution retains the provisions of the 1973 Constitution without the Batasang Pambansa – which is the legislature under the 1973 charter.  That way, Aquino controls both the executive and legislative powers.  The government serves the Cory Aquino dictatorship for the 12 months until 1987.

Youtube video by; University of the Philippines College of Law
[VIDEO]: 9th UP Law Centennial Lecture: Atty. Estelito P. Mendoza on “The 1987 Constitution: A Marcos Legacy?”

PCGG Created by Aquino

The Cory Aquino dictatorship from 1986 to 1987 created the Presidential Commission on Good Government with the sole mission to confiscate the wealth of the Marcos family and their allies. They labeled their possessions as ill-gotten wealth.  The PCGG threatens their victims with writs of sequestration. Many PCGG officials make lots of money using their authority.

Brown Out Capital of the World

The country also became the “brownout” capital of the world after Aquino abolished the Department of Energy. Cory Aquino’s 1986 Constitutional Commission is composed of 50 appointed individuals – not through an election.

Marcos Burial

Despite the monopoly of political allies of President Aquino, the 1987 Constitution as a reactionary charter does not allow Aquino to become an absolute ruler.  It also has many defects. Aside from that, the 1987 Constitution does not ban the burial of President Marcos at the Heroes’ Cemetery.  The commissioners’ citing the 1987 Constitution in their against in the Marcos burial is very misleading. This is not the first time the pro-Aquino commissioners uses the 1987 charter to mistakenly support their political interests.

Bangsamoro Basic Law

Bangsamoro Basic Law, which is the idea of the late Aquino’s son former President Benigno Aquino III, the commissioners urge Congress to act on the BBL because it is allegedly in accordance with the 1987 Constitution. Luckily, Bongbong Marcos and Senator Juan Ponce Enrile who are knowledgeable with the 1987 constitution successfully defend the nation against the loopholes of the BBL that made Pnoy furious.

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Slow Justice No More on Leni Robredo – Bongbong Marcos Electoral Protest SC Ruling?

Marcos electoral protest

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There have been many unverified reports on social media that the PET, Philippine Electoral Tribunal or SC ruling on the Bongbong Marcos electoral protest against V.P. Leni Robredo is to be announced on January 10, 2017. This is unlikely according to Rappler. It takes at least four years from the date of submission as seen in the past protests for the top government positions. However, improvements are done in the judiciary as per Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. Also, President Rodrigo Duterte hates slow justice. Therefore, there’s a chance that this can happen just like the Marcos burial.

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[VIDEO]: Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno is hoping that the incoming administration of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte will be as supportive of judicial reform as that of outgoing President Benigno Aquino III.

Duterte’s Support

Sereno is assured now with the support of President Duterte because he hates slow justice. He has proven that this can be done in the shortest possible time. Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is out of the prison in no time. The late former President Ferdinand E. Marcos is buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani after 27 years of long wait. It only happens during the first quarter of Duterte’s administration.

Pro-Marcos Supporters’ Hope

The pro-Marcos supporters are praying that they can hear the good news on January 10, 2017. This should not be a problem if the Supreme Court follows the mandate of the president. If not, they can put their branch in the line of AMLC where the president orders everyone to resign after they failed to submit the report on Senator De Lima’s case on time.

The Liberal Party’s Fear

Senator Trillanes expresses his fear that Bongbong Marcos becomes the new Vice President in 2017. He also urges the public not to believe the president’s statement that Leni Robredo will finish her term. His fear definitely has some basis given the circumstances of the Marcos burial. This time, the Liberal Party realizes that the power is not with them anymore. They should act accordingly.

The Power of the People

Filipinos are already enlightened after 30 years of lies by the yellow regime. Their lives are not better. In fact, it’s worst after the EDSA revolution. No media propaganda can satisfy a hungry stomach. Therefore, their only hope is to install Bongbong Marcos to the Vice Presidency. This is hoping that he becomes the president in 2022 or before that.

Duterte: Arroyo is a Victim of Slow Justice




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Pnoy Disregards MS Pablo Martinez’s Revelation about “Danding” before his Foul Death

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Pnoy or former president Benigno Aquino III, also known as Noynoy turns a blind eye to the revelation of Master Sergeant Pablo Martinez. He alleges that although he did not hear the direct order, he knows from the conspirators of the Ninoy Aquino’s assassination that “Danding” is the mastermind. Martinez is killed in what initially appears to be an accident along Roxas Boulevard.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: UB: Ex-Army si Pablo Martinez na nahatulang guilty sa pagpatay kay Ninoy, patay sa aksidente.

Foul Play on Martinez’ Death

His family cries foul over his death. The evaluation of the accident or crime scene in Roxas Boulevard supports the claim. An eyewitness narrates that an SUV Montero driven by Henry Roque ran over him after he fell from his bicycle after it hit the bike. His son Diomedes, also an Air Force sergeant, suspects that he was murdered.

Not keen to Find the Real Killer

Pnoy seems not keen to uncover who were behind his father’s killing, as well as that of Rolando Galman, who is the alleged gunman. This is despite his being the most powerful man in the country for four years.

Martinez’ Role

Martinez is one of the conspirators in Aquino’s assassination. He serves nearly 30 years in jail for the crime. In 2007, he volunteers to disclose the brains of the murder. Prior to that in 1995, he testifies that Galman is Ninoy’s killer with a single bullet to the head. He admits escorting the assassin to a motel to spend the night before the assassination.

Cojuanco or Marcos?

Ninoy’s assassination is the driver of the EDSA revolution that installs the Aquinos into power after blaming Marcos for it. The Aquinos are very forgiving to the real mastermind of their patriarch’s killer – but just recently, senator Richard Gordon in his privilege speech during the Marcos burial session, he urged the senate to re-open the case if they want closure to the alleged Martial Law abuses.

His powerful son has done nothing to solve his murder



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SC’s Decision comes First before Recount can Happen to Settle the Marcos-Robredo Dispute


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many people are waiting for the results of the recount to settle the Marcos-Robredo vice presidential dispute. However, it should be cleared that a recount cannot happen before a decision has been made on the electoral protest filed by Bongbong Marcos. The recount was requested by him on the electoral protest. The Supreme Court may announce that the real winner is Bongbong Marcos to simplify the process, just like what happened in the Marcos Burial. However, SC can also just agree or disagree on the recount to clear public perception in the alleged fraud committed by Robredo’s party. The ruling will be based solely on the evidence as per the discretion of the Supreme Court justices.

Youtube video by;
[VIDEO]: Between her and the late dictator’s son and namesake Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., Vice President Leni Robredo thinks Marcos is more capable of stealing, even if it’s the vice presidency.

History of Stealing?

Vice President Leni Robredo showed her impartiality as a lawyer when she openly commented that Bongbong Marcos to had a history of stealing. What did Marcos steal? Can she be sued for libel? Didn’t she steal the Vice presidency from him? If so, is this just a sign of hypocrisy or a desperate defense for losing her face?

False Rumors

Both the camps of Marcos and Robredo debunked a text message claiming that a recount of ballots for vice president has been scheduled. It said that a recount of ballots from four to five provinces will start before November ends. That a new vice president will be proclaimed by January 2017, it added.

President Duterte’s Assurance

Duterte assured Robredo that there is no plot to remove her from office. That she would be the country’s second highest official until her term ends. However, knowing Duterte this can have another meaning as well. She would surely finish her term as Vice President based on what the SC could decide upon. Perhaps, her term could only last for a month more after the anticipated decision. Duterte did not mention that she will finish the full 6-year term anyhow.

Trillanes is very sure that Robredo will be Replaced

Trillanes insisted that Robredo would be replaced. He said that he has noted the information received. It says that the President’s allies are making a move to ensure that Marcos would win the electoral protest. The pro-Marcos can only hope that Trillanes is right.