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Will Congress do a “Delima” to Bongbong Marcos for his Advice to Sister Imee?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Congress earlier threatens Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos that they will do a “Dayan” if she doesn’t show up in the next scheduled hearing. Bongbong Marcos advised her not to attend the House inquiry into the province’s P66.45-million tobacco fund expenditures. Does this mean they will do a “Delima” to the brother as well? It is remembered that Senator Leila de Lima advised “Dayan” not to show up during the “Bilibid Prison” anomaly hearings

Youtube video from; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos, iginiit na pamumulitika ang imbestigasyon kaugnay sa paggamit sa Tobacco tax funds

Straight to Detention

“I really want to attend. I want to explain myself in Congress but others said I should not. Bongbong told me I could also be detained,” said Imee at her first news conference after six provincial employees, now called the “Ilocos Six,” were cited in contempt and detained by the House committee on good government and public accountability on May 29.

Mother Rejected

Imee said her mother, former First Lady, and now Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos, was rejected by the committee when she requested for the release of the six employees on humanitarian grounds. This shows that the Congress is not into the people’s plight – but for their own glory. However, Alvarez mellowed down after the Supreme Court stand by the CA.

Requested by Provincial Leaders

Gov. Imee said that the vehicles were requested by different provincial leaders. Among them were Rudy Caesar Fariñas, who served as ex-officio member of the Ilocos Norte provincial board, and Mary Michelle “Mikee” Fariñas, president of the Laoag Federation of barangay councils. So, is this Fariñas way of discrediting Marcos?

Gov. Marcos’ Justification

The vehicles were not overpriced. They were bought through proper bidding procedures, and were “therefore not ghost projects nor missing funds.” Asked why the vehicles were not registered, Marcos discloses that the new vehicles served as agricultural equipment like tractors. But she would register them immediately if deemed necessary by the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

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Alvarez Washes Hands off on House vs Supreme Court Conflict with Ilocos 6

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The House leader said that the chamber would not budge on the issuance of a show-cause order. It demands that the three CA justices explain why they should not be cited in contempt. This if their granting the habeas corpus petition to the so-called “Ilocos Six.”

Youtube video from; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Nagbanta si House Speaker Alvarez na bubuwagin ang Court of Appeals at ipa-disbar ang tatlong mahistrado nito dahil sa panghihimasok umano sa trabaho ng mga mambabatas. Posible nga ba ito? Ang isyung ‘yan, ipinaliwanag ng constitutional expert mula sa UA&P na si Atty. Jeremy Gatdula.

Advice to the Supreme Court

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez advised Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and Court of Appeals (CA) Presiding Justice Andres Reyes Jr. to “discipline” the three CA magistrates. The justices are involved in the conflict with Solons over the release of the six detained Ilocos Norte officials.

Opinion Appreciated

Alvarez appreciated the opinion expressed by Sereno and Reyes that the House committee on good government and public accountability must withdraw the show-cause order. It was allegedly necessary for the chamber to assert its own authority. Somehow, Alvarez tends to listen to the people’s sentiments. It is more democratic to listen to them than to his colleagues in Congress.

Release Order Disputed

The House has been locked in a standoff with CA Associate Justices Stephen Cruz, Edwin Sorongon and Nina Antonio-Valenzuela after they ordered the release of the Ilocos Norte officials detained by the House committee for refusing to answer questions about an alleged anomaly involving the purchase of P66.45 million worth of vehicles.

Democracy Prevails

Without the House leader’s support, Representative Rodolfo Fariñas’s accusation of Governor Imee Marcos’ mishandling tobacco funds will not stand a chance. It is about time to immediately release her six employees detained at the House. Democracy dictates that humanitarian reasons are enough to free accused personnel. They are considered innocent until proven guilty. Besides, Bongbong Marcos advises his sister not to show up at the scheduled hearing. It’s her right to do so. If they have the guts to detain the Governor this time, it will be the people versus Congress that would soon follow.

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BBC Journalist Stephen Sackur Uncovers Trillanes’ Anti Democracy Stunts


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Stephen Sackur’s professional journalism skills lead to the truth about Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.  Trillanes does not respect democracy at all. He does not even know Democrat stands for. His answers are clear manifestations that he does not respect democratic institutions and democratic exercises like elections. Sackur reminds Trillanes that Du30 won the election fair and square.

Youtube video from; NEWS FILIPINO

The End of the Bully

British media are noted to understand the situation rather than just report in full context any interview as what most local press people do. Sackur is knowledgeable even about Trillanes’ failed coup attempts. Pathetic politicians like Trillanes get away with their black propaganda because some media give them the outlets to do so at their own expense.

ICC Menace

Sackur returns the mockery to Trillanes saying that ICC doesn’t have teeth oh his case against the President. ICC might not even waste time on it. He asked if Trillanes considers another coup against Du30 since he’s on dead-ends as far as legal remedies are concerned. Trillanes still wishes that ICC case progresses. It’s not the people who will benefit if the President is removed. This is very undemocratic.

Failed Coups and All

Trillanes reminds Sackur that Arroyo assumed power through a coup as well. He, however, failed to explain that it was the late former President Cory Aquino who took the late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ seat even if she lost during elections. Arroyo’s predecessor former President Erap Estrada through another “people power” revolt was also unseated. Arroyo won the election in her second term.

Political Career is Dead

Trillanes is a total national embarrassment. There’s no way he can get a re-election in the Senate. The public detests his every action. He has done a lot of damage to Philippine society and the mainstream media should realize now that they are being used to suppress their own freedom. Now, he wants to sue BBC for his wrong answers. A total idiot indeed.

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Alvarez Might be Opinionated but he Listens to the President and the Supreme Court

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez might be indifferent to Bongbong Marcos’ sister, Imee’s case but he respects the Supreme Court, supports prolonged Martial Law, and detests Leni Robredo’s Vice Presidency. It is not certain if he really believes that the namesake won or just because he is one of the successors of the Vice Presidential seat if that is vacated.

Youtube video from; PolitikoTV Channel
[VIDEO]: House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez: Maiksi lang ang 60 days ng martial law

Martial Law until 2022

Alvarez said that he is quite open to extending martial law in Mindanao. Perhaps until the President steps down in 2022. This is ideal for fast-track development. The Marawi crisis and other peace and security problems in the region can also be addressed better, he added.

Robredo is NOT the Real VP

Alvarez was on the verge of petitioning an impeachment complaint against Leni Robredo as VP due to betrayal of public trust. This is when she sent a slanderous video attacking the President’s drug war with the wrong data. The president was quite vocal that he is not into the VP’s impeachment. The issue goes quite after that.

Supreme Court Ruling

Alvarez’s mouth is not that of a gentleman. He has threatened various government agency heads and agencies if they are in conflict with Congress where he is the speaker of the House. However, he does respect the Supreme Court when it rules. One incident was the Marcos’ burial. He, in fact, urged anti-Marcos protesters to follow the law.

Ilocos 6

Recently, he dares not to get involved with the Supreme Court’s motion for consideration for the Congress’cContempt citation for the justices who rule to release the six detained employees of Gov. Imee Marcos. Right after his tough remarks to the CA, he slowed down after hearing the SC’s plea to resort to other constitutional means instead. Whatever is Alvarez up to, he certainly is loyal to PDu30.

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BBC to LP via Trillanes: Are you for Democracy or Against People’s Choice?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Anti-administration politicians through Senator Antonio Trillanes III are brutally corrected by HARDtalk, BBC anchor, Stephen Sackur. Sensing the negativity of Trillanes towards the Philippine President, Sackur directly asked him if he is for democracy since he’s always contradicting the people’s choice. This should alarm the Liberal Party members that the world now start to get the real score on their undemocratic approaches.

Youtube video from; 24Oras Nakatutok
Trillanes Ikinagulat ng BBC ang mga Sinabi ni Trillanes sa Hardtalk

Different Rating Interpretation

Stephen Sackur confronts the senator saying that his views are “out of tune” with the general public’s sentiment towards the President. The latter remains highly popular despite controversies. Trillanes, in response, said that he is positive that things would soon change. In fact, Du30’s public approval rating had gone down in his first year in office. The anchor was obviously rumored a bit and made a remark that according to international standards, 75 % approval rating for a president is very high.

Are Filipinos not Aware?

“The bulk of the Filipino people are not really aware on the ground. The propaganda machine is very, very effective. The bulk of the Filipino public is busy with their day-to-day living; they don’t really get to know the magnitude of the damage Du30 has done,” said Trillanes. If people do not know the real score, why do Trillanes and the LP members get bashed a lot via social media? Besides, at the rate it is going, the people support the president’s every move. This includes Bongbong Marcos as his choice for his successor.

Fake News Becomes the Truth

Trillanes continued; “Historically, popularity ratings will change as the information has radiated to the general public. It will take a little time, but his numbers continue to go down and I’m quite confident towards ends of the year, it will be way below 50,” he added. Are the anti-administration groups planning to launch a fake news campaign soon against the President – just like what they did to the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos?

Working President

Sackur also said that Du30’s strategies for the country based on the rising economic progress seem to be working. Trillanes retaliated by saying: “On paper, it may appear so but let me just talk about the much-hyped $15-billion or $24-billion deal with China. It’s basically ODA – Official Development Assistance – a loan again hinged on the tax reform bill that economic managers of Du30 are pushing. It is inflationary; anti-poor. We cannot afford to give additional burden to the public,” he said. At this point, brilliant anchor realizes that Trillanes is hopeless. He is definitely out of tune with the people’s sentiments.